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El Solitario’s goal is to create new gear fit for purpose for today’s road life, a life we know well. We know what we like and if it ain’t out there or it isn’t being made anymore we’ll make it ourselves our way. This is our vision, and is exactly what we have pursued with the creation of the Rascal. Our ultimate idea of a rad motorcycle pant, with contemporary engineered construction and slim cut. Women’s Rascals, come equipped with belt loops on the waist, as we believe this is the best way to keep them in place while you relax, sit back, and take the time to focus on how to tackle the next corner or avoiding that pothole threatening to out bound you. Wear them with or without belt, that is your choice, but ride them hard!



The trite mythos of the outlaw; the self-conscious romanticism of the outlaw; the black wardrobe of the outlaw. These were our inspirations to create the ultimate carrying system to accompany us in our wildest adventures. Unwilling to wait for mankind to improve, the outlaw lives as if that day was here. Outlaws are can openers in the supermarket of life. SHOP NOW


If we had to choose one material to embody the spirit of El Solitario this would be Cashmere. Cashmere is timeless personal luxury. You don’t invest on cashmere to be seen by others but to feel good. It’s like snobbery in reverse heard someone say one day. The softest, warmest and lightest fiber that money can buy. Cashmere is one of the rarest wools in the world, and one of the most precious. It originated in the mountains of Tibet, in the southern Himalayas and in the Inner Mongolia region of China, where temperatures reach minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter. Home to a very special animal species: The Cashmere Goat which grows a double fleece that consists of a fine, soft, undercoat which is 8 times warmer than regular wool and 3 times lighter. From each animal it is possible to obtain 100 grams of cashmere per year, which means that a minimum of two goats are needed to obtain a fine garment.


When El Solitario was founded 10 years ago, the design and production of the world’s most magnificent coverall was on the front page, (in fact, we didn’t even have T-shirts when the project started!@#). We had always loved the utilitarian aspect of coveralls and enjoyed the effect they provoked on people while buying groceries or at the entrance of the poshest club. We wanted to embrace this functional concept, but using the best raw materials available, and to make them ourselves. The original idea was to have our own team coveralls for our first time racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats; therefore the name of the garment. And so we did! The first prototype was handmade by Val. Then once we had a final sample, we selected the best selvedge denims and hand sew them in our atelier in Galicia. They were crazy expensive and we knew they would be really difficult to sell, but money wasn’t the reason why we had started this shit so there we went. The world’s most expensive coveralls! We laughed. El Solitario’s Bonneville 12.5 oz. red selvedge denim coveralls 10 years later we couldn’t resist making one of our most iconic garments again. Manufactured in our own atelier in Galicia using the best materials to guarantee comfort, protection, and durability the Bonneville Coverall Off-White is back!


And remember that when freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free.


2020 was the year we thought we were going to get what we wanted and instead was the year we learned to appreciate what we had. A wink of an eye, the sizzle of a good meal with our loved ones, the freedom to breathe in the wild… Acts we should have never taken for granted, could be easily outlawed now. The original idea behind the THE END IS FEAR Instagram Design Contest – back in March 2020 – was to keep our wolfpack awake and vigilante while the world was going nuts with most of us under severe lockdown measures. We felt our obligation to use our voice and do the right thing. The plan was to get you drawing, sketching, thinking! Then you were to send us your designs and the winner exercise would be made into a real wolf product. “When fear turns whole populations into sleepwalkers, outlaws don’t join forces with alarm clocks. Outlaws, like poets, rearrange the nightmare.” Tom Robins What wasn’t planned was the magnitude and radness of your response. Looking at the 200+ designs we’ve received, the wolves couldn’t otherwise but be grounded, humbled and impressed with the feelings, talent and good vibes coming from all over the globe. This is why we decided to make THE END IS FEAR into a whole collection with 13 pieces that we will drop on a weekly basis over the next 2 months. Our foremost outlaw collection. A collection designed by you! A beautiful reminder that when we stand together, we stand up to fear. Our most sincere wish is that our wolfpack continues to grow and keeps howling for a free planet. A well deserved craving.

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