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El Solitario Outlaw Whisky Collection Drop

In the common law of England, a “Writ of Outlawry” made the pronouncement Caput lupinum  – “Let his be a wolf’s head” – with respect to its subject, equating that person with a wolf in the eyes of the law. The Outlaw was deprived of all legal rights, allowing others to kill him on sight, as if he was such a wild creature.

EL SOLITARIO OUTLAW WHISKY COLLECTION will bottle Whiskies that for any given practicalities or obscure reason, never saw the light. Although reveal an exceptional taste and ¨garra¨. We seek for those attributes that make a Whisky stand out, and have the power to immerse connoisseurs in an introspective voyage into long forgotten memories.

“When freedom is outlawed only outlaws will be free”

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  1. So lets see now …. Happy Festivus ??? …. Merry Xmas ??? … err …. Happy Kwanza ???? …. Happy Chanuka ??? .. Merry Effin KSMYS ??? ( OK … send that last one to all the Fascist idiot Androids out there ) .. Happy .. err… winter solstice ??? … have a good Yule ???????????… jeezus h christmas !!

    I mean … seriously … Damn ! We got more freaking holidays in this gorram country ( US ) than anyone can keep count of .

    So …. Happy Holidays ( pick one ) to y’all …

    And a special KSMYS to our resident Vienna Sausage … Splinky

    And as the bard ( Frank Zappa ) so well said ;

    ” Watch out where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow ”

    Lest y’all wind up singing ;

    ” I can’t see .. ah do do dee ohhh …. I can’t see …. ”


      1. A good friend recommends Happy Winter Solstice !

        Mya our days once again grow longer !

        And .. to quote the wisdom of the sages ;

        ” If you wake up in the morning … make breakfast ” .. ” Its a far far better thing to be seen … than viewed ” …. ” And yeah life sucks sometimes .. but it beats the hell outta the alternative ”

        Now pardon me while I bug out fer a spell

  2. Dear Splinky … a special KSMYS present … just fer y’all .

    Know how yer always speculating what my Kutte says ?

    Well son … like I’ve said many a time … I don’t wear a Kutte .. ever … outta respect for those to whom the Kutte is almost a religious symbol ( 1% outlaw bikers )

    What I do wear when I rode ( and hopefully ride again assuming I get over these persistent injuries ) is one of two custom made black leather vests …. embroidered and painted by the same crazy Brit thats done leather wear for everyone from Ginger Baker to Rob Halsford .

    On the front … plain on one side … my stage name initials stylized on the other …

    on the back .. .. in the middle ;

    Hunter S Thompson’s ‘ freak nation ‘ double thumbed raised fist … and below …

    the Japanese kanji for RONIN

    There … happy now ?

    Stay safe Splinky … and avoid them N. Korean ICBMs like the plague 😉


  3. A little larf to end out the year ;

    The true secret(s) of genius ;

    1) Piss off and alienate as many people as you can during your lifetime . After all … you’re an effin genius … you’ve earned the right .. eff em if they can’t deal with it

    2) Don’t copy or borrow others ideas … STEAL them ( along with their women ) .. then make their ideas something of your own . Cause once again yer an efffin genius …

    3) Never ever ever apologize or make excuses for bad behavior ( boy did I efff that one up above ) Fact is people expect you to be an efffin arsehole … so revel in it … let em deal with it … and efff those who can’t

    ( never meet your idols .. you’ll be very disappointed )

    4) Ram your opinions down everyone else’s throat with an effin jackhammer .. cause like I said … you’re a genius … and only your opinions count !

    5) As a genius narcism is your go to zeitgeist .. fact is … you are the only person that matters .. and reality is … nothing really matters .. except you of course .. cause you’re an efffin genius

    And to all those who think the above is just a joke or pure fiction … well … y’all’ve never met a genius . Cause if and when you do … you’ll know the above is blatant unrepentant … FACT !

    So lets have a better new year than the last … raise a glass to one and all ( yeah even you Splinky ) .. and hope for the best … while wisely expecting the worst


    PS; Yes I still wear a mask indoors … and my response to anyone who questions why is ;

    I Don’t want anyone mistaking me for an effin brain dead arsekussin quisling minion Republican !

  4. Jeff Beck … R.I.P. …. bacterial meningitis .. age 79

    The worst thing is … after such absolutely freaking brilliant albums as ” Blow by Blow ” – ” Wired ” – ” There and Back ” – ” Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop ” …

    … he goes out with his last effort being …

    “18” .. with the pretend rock star wanna be Johnny Depp .

    What a dud … What a tragedy … What a travesty … what a horrible note for one of Rock’s best to end on

    Sigh … oh well … here’s hoping his Cars & Hot Rod collection provided some solace in his later years as he tried desperately towards the end to relive his youth rather than move forward with dignity .. and here’s hoping he’s blasting down the highway in the sky as we speak … cause ..brothers and sisters … he was one of my major influences etc etc etc back in my electric days … sigh

  5. Brothers and sisters …. sigh … they are dropping like flies in 2023


    David Crosby … age 81

    Sigh … well at least he goes out with the distinction of being the only one of the CSN / CSN&Y who kept writing new and original music exploring new and different areas ( like teaming up with members of the jazz fusion band Snarky Puppy ) to the bitter end … producing four of the best albums he’d ever done .

    And honestly … with all the abuse etc. he put his body through … its amazing he lasted this long … and I for one am glad he did .

    Sail on Sailor … and see you on the other side ;

    ” Go, take your sister, then, by the hand
    Lead her away from this foreign land
    Far away, where we might laugh again
    We are leaving, you don’t need us ” – ( ” Wooden Ships ” )

    Sad thing is … we really do … need you David .. even if most of us didn’t have the brains to realize it while you were alive …..

    Sniff ……

  6. Hmmm … once again …. nuthin … no new posts … no Splinky ( I mean seriously Splinks .. if ya can’t take it .. don’t dish it out ) … nuthin … site gone dark …

    Sigh … oh well … a moment of snark to perhaps get things goin ? If not … have a good chuckle anyhooo … and a good way to end …

    With apologies to the Bard ( James Taylor )

    ” Sweet Dreams and Chinese Machines in Pieces on the Ground ”

    [ read the US news the last two weeks to put context to it ]

    Now pardon me while I finish a couple a new compositions … not to mention bury myself into Bob Dylan’s ‘”Bootleg Series Vol 17 ” cause I jes loves the album ” Time Out of Mind ”

    Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( yeah right .. this’ll get a helluva lot worse way afer it gets any better … [bleep ] calm ) and do for the love of Pete ( WTF Pete is ) – Carry On my wayward sons ..


  7. … and here’s a little music to get ya’ll thru the deep dark nights of winter ..

    .. if you’re not already familiar with him … Francis Kuipers … Dutch/English based in Italy … ragged in yer face blues ( acoustic and electric ) He’s a wild old man like I was … afer my run in wiff the ‘ Sausage Creature ” …. sigh …. maybe again … we’ll see ..

    Damn … too bad Italy’s politics went off the rails in 2022 … cause like the UK was in the 60’s 70’s … Italy has become a hotbed of American Blues .. with a distinct Euro/ Italian twist … from film to TV to bars to the concert halls .. hell .. with dual citizenship and the wife on the verge of retiring … I’d of moved there in a heartbeat !!!

    Damn !!! Timing … sometimes it can really kick you in the @55 !!!

  8. … and now we say adios’s and via con dio to David Lindley …mulit instrumentalist extraordinaire …. not to mention the apparent demise of Iron&Air’s website …

    Sigh …back to music … we’re losing the best of the best right and left this year …. sigh …

    And M/C’s ? Hell … if online media , print .. and not to mention TV and film are anything to go by … is it any wonder y’all are having a helluva time staying afloat ?

    Ahh … mi amigos … makes no sense .. but thats where things are … sigh …

    Adios … and via con dio yourself .. which ever dio you might or might not subscribe to .. 😎

    Knock a couple o’ those curated whiskies back fer me … and stay well ..

    Cause in the end … love and health are the only things that really matter at all …


  9. ” Stella …. I’m so confused ! ”

    I mean … brandy spankin new photo on the home page .. snappy lookin bike I don’t recognize …. yet …. nada new here

    Huh ? Que the ( bleep ) paso mi amigos ???

    Now pardon me while I down another can o’ Liquid Death … sparkling water that is …………………

  10. Hmmmm …. so I sees y’alls Span-Mex amigo / co-conspirator and his flat tracker has been featured in the UK mag ,,, ‘ Built ”

    Question is … WTF ain’t y’all featured him here … or better yet .. WTF y’all gonna post anything ?????????

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