El Solitario - Only Outlaws Will Be Free

The secret of a genius is to carry the spirit
of the child into old age, which means never
losing your enthusiasm.


“El Solitario is a Gesamtkunstwerk – a total work of art, in which the riders, their gear, their machines, their backup, the photography, and the film made of their adventures, are shaped to one vision.”

Paul D’Orleans,  Cycle World


The last El Solitario OUTLAWS was a story about long lasting friendships. Paying tribute to the freedom of each individual who took part in this, we decided to give a disposable camera to each of them. The result? A scrapbook more authentic than ever. The beauty of a photograph is the personification of the eye that was looking at the precise instant of the shot.
After Thanksgiving, we load our bikes and become desert wolves. Metaphorically (for now) in the form of LA-Barstow-to-Vegas [LAB2V] desert ride in the desert between the cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas.As for the ride itself: Delightful. But the task is never without its challenges.