PETARDO - El Solitario



The sounds of the custom stainless pipes remind of a deafening baritone on steroids

Special 1993 Ducati 900SS

Petardo, firecracker in Spanish, is a Special 1993 Ducati 900SS and constitutes El Solitario’s most aggressive bid so far. An explosive Hot Rod of excessive proportions. Built one year ago, ESMC’s tenth bike, reflects our anime at this stage: Destroy the current trend that dictates a minimalist approach to electronics & other components in a custom motorcycle. In fact, we now believe that hiding all the necessary equipment that makes a motorcycle fast is a coward-ish, hideous, pointless job…

All organs like the gas tank, switches, pumps, coils, regulator, cables, hoses are on the outside and linked in dadaist un-harmony. We wanted to Embrace/Empower the veins & arteries that move the body!!!! Same happened with the instrumentation and lightning equipment. Lambda Sensors that calculate the air/fuel ratio on each cylinder, fuel pressure, oil pressure and temperature, voltmeter, exhaust gas temperature… Obviously they are all things, a well informed man (or an intrepid woman), should never leave his garage without knowing…
Tired of the never ending flock of internet customs with the same ironing-board-like seat, fake bates headlight and wi-fi-electrics… We needed to do the contrary and make fun of it… Petardo is wild, overpowered, over informed, over blacked, oversized… in sum, it is EXCESSIVE with capital letters. The sounds of the custom stainless pipes remind of a deafening baritone on steroids, & the riding position is exotic, sporty, but not tiring at all…
Overall, we can say that a spin on Petardo is The closest thing you’d ever imagine as what riding on a thunders’s back could be… BRRRRRROOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR… BRAAAP… BRAAAAAAP!!!!!!!&&$$
Believe that this bike has constituted a milestone for us and we will never go back to what we did before… for good~!#@
Watch Petardo’s movies here:

Action Photography by KT Fender for Sideburn Magazine