DESERT WOLVES - El Solitario



‘An adventure is something that can have endless starting points but it is the spirit of adventure itself the spark that begins them all.’

2016 Harley Davidson Roadster 1200

El Solitario Desert Wolves starts as a multiple-sided collaboration between genuine brands to design and produce the necessary vehicles, garments and artifacts needed for an outdoor motorcycle adventure. The ride into the African Sahara served as leitmotif for the creative proccess and the definitive test for every product.

Riding across the world’s largest hot desert, weathering sand storms and merciless sun, cold nights and salty dust of the flats. Inhaling and consuming the harsh vitality of this unstained region of the planet. Riding all day, camping under the sky at night.

El Solitario Desert Wolves is the vanguard of the new global motorcycle movement, combining vehicle design, art, garments and adventure. A disruptive and captivating vision, aimed to dictate trends, not follow them. Acknowledging that aligning with other company’s interests, resources and marketing muscle, more could be achieved, El Solitario embarked in the most sophisticated and avant-garde motorcycle adventure that has ever occurred.

Brutally powerful and obscurely flamboyant, El Solitario’s unburdened approach to the world of luxury made possible this exotic collection of products and solu- tions. United by color BLACK, it reveals a story that had never been told. Furthermore, watching this trio of dark riders hitting the sand, doing the ton, could easily drive the unsuspected viewer in front of a motorcycle epiphany, relating to the glances of martians from another planet on a scouting charge.

Redesigning complete motorcycles as well as rider’s protective gear, a 4×4 specialized support truck, or packing and sleeping devices, El Solitario has set new standards proving it is possible to ride hard in the toughest terrains in a noble and stylized way. It’s all about looking forward but appreciating what has been done before. Real product with real stories.

Continuously reinventing themselves, it is refreshing to see El Solitario’s timeless and pioneering product research at the forefront of motorcycle culture.


El Solitario Desert Wolves are based on 3x 2017 H-D Roadsters – All custom parts were specially made for these bikes by the different brands that collaborated in the project.

Weight was reduced to 228kg ready to race (Minus gas) and they ride like beasts.