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Crazy is the new normal. In a changing motorcycle world, El Solitario wants to change it faster. 


Motor projects



Motorcycles have become a major impediment to the safety of the system. The small size and unpredictable nature of motorcycles and the inherent anti-establishment attitude of most owners makes the absolute elimination of motorcycles critical to our mission


The human body needs certain ergonomics to tackle the task of riding off-road in extreme conditions. It is hard and you need to be fit and concentrated, otherwise you won’t survive. Specially when years start adding up! The other key factors to keep in mind are risk management, weight and reliability.

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Every decade there is one iconic motorcycle launch. One that shakes the collective imagination of worldwide riders and shocks the foundations of Motorcycle Culture, setting new rules. In the 90’s it was the Monster. The Hayabusa in the 00’s or the Nine-T in the 10’s. This is not a closed list but one that certainly we all agree with. The new Pan America from Harley Davidson could be the game changer of the 20’s and that would be an amazing feat from the old MoCO in Milwaukee. Do you think they’ll pull it off?

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