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At EL SOLITARIO we are film directors of real life, curating scenarios for page and screen, and ultimately for the mind, that are exciting and new for motorcycling and beyond.

We do this through a deep understanding of Motorsports history, its roots and how people form opinions and beliefs.

We believe that public relations is most effective when masterfully crafted stories are backed by real experiences and cultural knowledge.


We are more than proud to have worked on projects with BMW Motorrad, Harley Davidson, Dynemaa®, Ohlins, Yamaha Motorsports, Alpinestars, Rolex and a wide range of brands that share our passion and dedication to the craft.

Our staff is probably one of the most interesting and diverse wolf pack.

From photographers to fashion consultants, brand specialists and business designers, professional pilots and drivers, writers and thinkers, but all of them a non stop amazing humans.


Ornamental Connifer

Direction and Design

Ornamental Connifer

Direction and Design

El Solitario