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When Motorcycles Meet Art

Takashi URASHIMA, aka @ein883, is a fire truck driver who draws illustrations in his spare time.
He started making illustrations from photos he took at motorcycle events thinking that illustrations could easily overcome language barriers and share the fun. He was not wrong.
This Japanese artist has been drawing El Solitario for years through his original vision, so we decided to ask him a few questions for this article.
1. How did you get to know El Solitario and why have you been inspired by this brand for your illustrations?
It’s the beautiful Rascal Leather Motorcycle Pants. I saw them online a few years ago and fell in love at first sight. I later found out they were made by El Solitario. Even now I think they are the most beautiful pair of motorcycle pants ever.
I get inspiration for my illustrations from El Solitario because I feel the madness and passion in their bikes and clothing. I want to support the craftsmen who create such amazing things.
2. Do you think your illustrations can influence the perception of motorcycling culture?
Thanks to El Solitario noticing my art and featuring it, I was able to get my illustrations seen by many motorcycle enthusiasts. I would be happy if depicting motorcycle culture with the soft expression of my illustrations can create a new awareness and lead to a rediscovery of its appeal. It would be fun to get people who previously had no interest in motorcycle culture involved.
3. How do you see the evolution of motorcycle culture in relation to art?
In recent years, I feel like the values of motorcycle culture have been changing. I think that’s because the artworks (films, photographs, etc.) that underlie those values have become more diverse with the development of social media. We live in an age where anyone can express their own values.
4. How would you conclude this article?
The fact that El Solitario chose my design without any endorsement is proof that they have the freedom and strength to fearlessly bet on the new.
In the products that El Solitario creates, you can feel their uncompromising madness and their passion for pursuing high quality and beauty. They are chasers and craftsmen. I and many other artists identify with that.

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