LAB2V 2023 // YAMAHA MAKE IT HAPPEN - El Solitario


After Thanksgiving, we load our bikes and become desert wolves. Metaphorically (for now) in the form of LA-Barstow-to-Vegas [LAB2V] desert ride in the desert between the cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

As for the ride itself: Delightful.

But the task is never without its challenges.

The first day we were all craving for gas. Cole Bradburn, had a bug in his 350 Husky stalling its engine every time he steered 20 degrees to the right. Reed´s handlebar clamps broke down forcing him to retire on the last afternoon and Kevin, DB and Nico had a good taste of the dirt with crashes they´ll take a week to forget…

These things happen on the LAB2V. You just ride it out and praise goodness there’s still some good ol fashioned motoring freedom and danger left in this part of the world. And Red Rock Canyon wouldn’t be as beautiful without a few aches and pains from the 400 miles preceding it.

Delighted to have Co-Built Geoff from Oxford England, El Solitario Wolves from Spain, Kevin, Cole and Reed from the Salt Lake, Jon and Alex from the Canyons of Malibu and the great JH517 from Down Unda for making sure bohemians like us make it out of the desert.

Special thanks to Natalie, Jon and Cindy for the wonderful Turkey Feast on Thursday, again to JH517 for dad-ing us thru the often forgotten logistics and our friends at Yamaha, Alpinestars and Dunlop for making this adventure possible. OH! AH! And the LAB2V team for the incredible job they make keeping this event so much fun and rad after 40 years of life. 

Over and out.

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