Quoting legend Andrew Weatherall: “Music is not for everyone”. This might sound a little spiky but he was right.

Although with scant regard for the banality of much in popular culture, El Solitario`s approach to music isn’t rooted in intellectual superiority but leaves a door ajar into a psychedelic, esoteric, sometimes challenging world. Making us junkies for new soundscapes. Our musical inclinations are often the result of a near-mythological desire for complete independence, better-ly (does this word even exist?) defined by the roads we chose not to take than the mountains we repeatedly conquered.

Loose yourself with an open-mind into the journey less travelled, willing to be surprised. It will surely pay-off. With time you will gain traction and wishfully throw your ears into oblivion while you gain the ability to trace the invisible lines between genres and styles, which draw an imaginary map that will guide your enlightenment across the different eras, cultures and geographies our planet has to offer.

With Desert Wolves we close a group of playlists that we started making in 2020, all of them named after our motorcycles. PLAY on them to listen again. 

3 Responses

  1. Hmmm … well … seems Spotify doesn’t wanna come out and play cause like the good little musician I am … I absolutely refuse to sign up for RipYerSpotsOff ( e.g. Spotify pays less than … hold on to it ….. .003 of a cent per play to the copyright holder ) nor do I or will I ever allow any of my music to be on it .

    Yeah … you read that right … less than three one hundreds of a cent per play … do the math … that equals Bupkiss .. Nada … Nunka .. Niet .. while Spotify is cleaning up left and right raking in billions … all at the musicians expense .

    So … oh well … guess I don’t get to share in yer little playlist quest . Too bad .

    In the mean time .. I’ll just go have a little ” Tea in the Sahara ” while I ” Ramble On ” down the road making damn sure no one catches up with ” The Midnight Rider ” chasing after that ” House of Cards ” in order to blow it down into a ” Bitches Brew ” of the first magnitude

    Toodles Amigos …. enjoy y’alls current Climate Change ( no water for the weary ) and political …crap .. like damn near everyone else on this little blue ball we live on

    T 😎

  2. Well …. hmmm … in light of …. well … y’all can probably figure it out …. this’ll be my soundtrack for the future here ;

    RadioHead – ” Hot to Disappear Completely ”

    And so I shall … in plain sight no less

    So via con whatever ….. and though I know you won’t ( for a multitude of obvious reasons ascertained over the years ) …. take the advice of James Baldwin ….. ” Don’t accept the bribe ” …. while remembering the words of HST ( well before he fried his brains on substance abuse )


    ” Money Is Easy …. Freedom ( on the other hand ) is Expensive ”

    So we’ll see amigos .. if freedom is something you’ll ever truly attain … or … if like everything else in todays zeitgeist …. its just another brand

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