THE HOUSE OF RACING WIZARDRY - El Solitario lands in the Malle Mile


Good motorcycle events are almost extinct these days, and if you find one, every glittering ounce of them should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond. Last July, England´s Grimsthorpe Castle witnessed the celebration of the Malle Mile (One of the last surviving ones!) and the revival of ESMC´s ludicrous race “La Copita”.

Free and inappropriate riders from diverse nationalities gathered at the castle fields, drawn by the reputations of Malle London and El Solitario for pushing boundaries in this ubiquitous motorcycling world we are always striving to expand.

As the motorized party kicked off on Thursday, a pop-up village emerged, with the Wolf Van transforming itself into the Club House for the El Solitario House of Racing Wizardry. At night the festivities took an adventurous turn, fueled by the long years camaraderie of our bunch and/or (perhaps?;) a touch of mischievous behavior, fired by the copious amounts of lysergic acid diethyl-amide that was frantically changing hands all 3 days. For one reason or another, every morning we celebrated the sunrise in between the clouds still on full gas mode.

During the day all engines roared to life and in between the diverse motorcycle comings and goings available to all sports; (sprints… scrambles… hillclimbs… or the famous Moto Polo!); El Solitario´s La Copita took place. Introducing the first oval dirt track race at the festival, participants pushed their skills and creativity on the muddy course designed by the Malle Crew and spiced by Englands marvelous weather conditions…

Photography by @imvande

El Solitario tries not to do anything halfway, and anyone who deals in extremes is bound to cause trouble, whether they mean it or not. But despite the wild antics, we fortified our bonds with hundreds of beautiful riders, united by our passion for motorcycles and speed. After 1 day of clouds and 2 days of rain and no cell phone range, (best recipe for good times!), the moto-party of the year (on this side of the pond at least) concluded with cheers, applauses, and a tribal sense of accomplishment. El Solitario had left its mark in a truly unforgettable Malle Mile.

As all participants packed their bikes and camps, (covered in mud from heat to toe), and embarked on their respective journeys home, a sense of nostalgia lingered in the air. Just hoping that our psychedelic explorations only gave everyone something to laugh about. As we left the premises, the vow to collaborate again in the future was inherent. Unite our passion and creativity and make “La Copita” endure.

Dear Great Britain we´ve missed you so much.


Photography by Shane Benson & Malle Mile

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  1. Well bless my Kafkaesque soul and I’ll be damned !!!!

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    And a damn fine post it is … in the true spirit of all we love about y’all

    Damn … its about ( bleeping ) time guys !

    Welcome back to the land of the living ( I mean seriously …. WTF needs a Land of the Walking Dead Wolves )

    1. … and ahhh …. absolutely loves the new T-Shirt ! Very cool … in a badass .. slightly off kilter sort of way … as far as promoting blatant lunacy racing ? Well … hell … long as it don’t hurt nobody off the track … aint that what its all about ??? .. Damn right it is !!!!!!!!!

      May the Sausage Creature aways be on your tail … .. forever chasing …never catching !


  2. FYI … in case y’alls still interested ;

    As for moi … back to Taking Names … though Kicking Ass is still beyond my current state ( although one Trumpazoid Android after harassing my wife found out the hard way just how effective a weapon a cane is in the hands of the right person… CaneFu anyone ? ) … Still Know where the bodies are … May yet out a few more there myself before its all over …

    … and errr …. contemplating … not planning yet mind you … but contemplating a custom M/C in my future … maybe two wheels … maybe a sidecar rig … maybe an ole fashion two in the rear trike … maybe … but a BWGW ( BMW frame with an old GoldWing four in it ) or a BMVW ..( kind of obvious ) is at the top of the list and on the design table … in the sprit of VonDutch’s XAVW of old … hmmm…….

    And …. I recently OwsleyFied ( Bear Owsley ) my audiophile home stereo … going from Stereo to Center Array ( speakers stacked together mono ) … oh baby … decades after the wall of sound that set up still sounds the best … hmmm … sometimes simple is better !

    Now where did that Splinky fella go ? Oh well … the lack of stamina and grit of todays youf .. precious little snowflakes that they are !


  3. And finally … can I not say …..


    Not to mention what with the serious amount of talent showing up this year ..

    Looking forward to what promises to be the best Vuelta ever … top talent .. the best ( IMO ) regions of Spain … damn … this’ns got it all … and yeah … its on US streaming TV ( Peacock .. or as we call it … PeaPoop )

    Till your next post amigos … via con what ever …


  4. Sheeples … Sheeples every where .. Sheeples to the Left … Sheeples to the Right …. and nary a wolf to be found to assist or distract !

    So …. errr … Happy Winter Solstice you recalcitrant lazy bastards …… and keep a thought in mind for us ( in the not so US of A ) during the upcoming shit storm posing as the 2024 elections .

    Theme song for 2024 ?

    ” Lovers in a Dangerous Time ” – Bruce Cockburn … cause damn … all signs point to violence regardless of the outcomes …

    But with any luck … ” House of Cards ” – Richard and Linda Thompson ( Robert Plants version being the best )

    Toodles … and a raised single digit international salute of disdain yer way fer the snub … 😎

    Be steeing ya …. hopefully …. maybe … hmmm

    T – aka – GuitarSlinger – aka – Kafka on the High Plains

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