Those more active on social media may have seen our mad African 911 heading to the Sahara desert. In the hands of Agostino Rizzardi, last 23rd of April, the Wolf´s Porsche took the start line of the 2023 Morocco Desert Challenge, Africa’s biggest and most beautiful cross-country rally-raid, with more than 1000 participants (racers & mechanics) and a large organisation team of 200 people, and 2 helicopters!

And yet, despite the high level of the race, there’s still a big difference with the FIA/FIM races and the world’s largest rally. Team spirit and camaraderie are values which are extremely important as it’s the amateurs and hobby riders who made this rally big and the atmosphere that comes with it.


Unlike the Dakar, which has evolved into a loop rally with zero geographical interest, the Morocco Desert Challenge offers a “coast to coast” adventure. In eight stages the participants cross a maximum part of Morocco, along the Algerian border, as far away as possible from the tourist zones. The participants therefore do not sleep in hotels, but in beautiful, self-built desert bivouacs.

But what makes this rally unique is the Zero-Kilometer liaison concept. Between the start of the first stage and the finish of the last one, there is literally no kilometer connection. Each stage starts and finishes in a bivouac. “We got rid of the ‘necessary evil’ of the rally world. It was not easy, but under the motto ‘difficult is a way too’, after three explorations we have composed a perfect succession of beautiful and varied tracks,” said Organizer Gert Duson. “Zero km liaison is not only our new standard; it is a trend that many will (have to) follow.”


Countrysideways’ 1991 964 Carrera 4 has been almost entirely modified in its home garage: its 5-speed manual gearbox and its flat-6 engine, upgraded in order to perform on long distance hi-temp runs, are the only parts kept from the original car.

Inspired by the 953, (the official Porsche 911 variant that won the 1984 Paris-Dakar driven by René Metge and Dominique Lemoyne), the chassis has been completely strengthened and lightened.

Added a roll cage and a 9 mm stainless steel plate preventing accidental damages.

Two 80 + 80 liters tanks provide fuel to the car’s 300+ horsepower.

Tires are 35” BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KDR2 — same ones the MINI won the Dakar three times with.

Behind them, 4 double wishbone suspensions and 4 couples of adjustable Reiger shock absorbers with separated oil tanks keep them in contact with the surface.

Close to the finish of the second stage and after a super fast day the 911´s engine blew up, one piston failed, probably because the mix was running to lean. Not being prepared for this, the Wolf Team had to abandon the race. This is motorsports too and, although it breaks our hearts sometimes, it doesn’t affect our passion.

Passion fuels everything in life: our energy, our ambitions, our actions. It shapes the lens through which we see the world. That lens helps us see (or miss) the opportunities in front of us and help shape our purpose. Our potential is unlimited. The way to realize that potential is to crank up our passion inside us on high and never let up.

Our passion shapes our purpose. We are all created to make an impact and our passions define us, mold us into who we are. Once a person knows his true purpose there is no stopping him. Purpose gives us confidence, makes us fearless. Having meaning in your life is one of the most powerful forces a human being can be driven by.

And those two in combination – passion and purpose – affect your attitude. When you know who you are and what you want to achieve, your attitude shifts. It makes you sure, unstoppable. At that point you know no failure, you accept no failure but the path that gets you to your goal. You don’t sit around fearing failure, you are forging the path forward even through mistakes along the way. Are there times when you are frustrated by your trials and errors? Absolutely. Are there times when taking a wrong path sets you back? Yes! But you keep on going, doing what truly matters to you.

And that is what’s intriguing. When your passion and purpose collide, they become a strong aphrodisiac. And that is when failure becomes non-existent.

We´ll be back!

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  1. The post ? LOVE IT … yer best in years !!!!

    The car … LOVE IT … IMO Porsche’s biggest mistake was not continuing to pursue rallying ( both stage and ADV ) .. so to see something like this … keeping the heritage alive despite the manufacture’s mistake ? TWO HUGE THUMBS UP !!!!

    The paint job …. damn that is tasty to the hilt .. not a line out of place or a decal over done !!!

    The event … yeah … Dakar has turned from event into a commercial spectacle travesty … so thank the small metal gods for events like this

    Love the IVECO support truck as well

    Damn you guys did this one right !!

    Request ; Any videos forthcoming ? Damn I hopes so !!!

    But the ‘ passions ‘ comment ? Well my little wolfies … y’all got that one backassedwards to the max . Passion is what leads us to do stupid self destructive things . Dedication and commitment is what brings about enduring success .

    And ahhhh … anyone who defines themselves by what they do or what they own … is deluding themselves ( Zen 101 for Beginners ) and knows not who or what they really are ( a damn hard lesson to learn …. but one better off learned earlier than later … read Hesse’s ” The Glass Bead Game ” for a literary view of this )

    But back to the positives … keep things like n this coming my little wolfies … if this don’t get their attention ( the ignorant masses unaware of Wofdom ) .. nuthin will … and we’ll just have to admit that for what ever reason … ( there is no sense behind it ) y’all are simply victims of the Great Big Bear Syndrome [ ask if you don’t know what that is … suffice it to say as much as that was a part of Carny ( Carnival ) strategy … its even more so THE zeitgeist of the current state of the internet ]

    Ciao .. and …

    Rock On – Ride On – Now Drive On ( damn do another one or three ) – Remain Calm ( despite the state of the world around us ) and do … please … despite it all … Carry On ( my wayward sons ) …. I am … cause as the bard ( Eddie Vedder of PearlJam ) would say it ;

    ” I’m still Alive ”


    Wisdom of the Month

    ” CONFIDENCE is the feeling you have just before you fully understand the situation ” ..

    … or in the words of Sun Tzu ( ” The Art of War ” ) ” Never over estimate yourself ”


      1. … and ahhh .. do I possibly hear the rumblings of a 1/18th scale model of this beauty down the line ?

        Y’all listening GT Spirit – AutoArt – MiniChamps … hell …. even Kyosho ????

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