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El Solitario Outlaw Whisky Collection

Next Full Moon we will launch one of the wildest endeavors of the Wolf family. A dream that has taken years to become a reality. El Solitario Outlaw Whisky Collection (E.S.O.W.C.), will soon have a place of its own in our ecosystem, and we are ecstatic to finally be able to get closer to all of you, bringing to your door the true spirit of El Solitario. What is more intimate than sharing a good bottle of liquid gold around the fire? 

E.S.O.W.C. will strive to find the most authentic distilleries around the world and bring to light those whiskys that personify the ethos of El Solitario. We will bottle in limited editions, those spirits that for any given practicalities or any other obscure reason, never saw the light, although reveal an exceptional taste and ‘garra’. 

Stay tuned

“When freedom is outlawed only outlaws will be free”

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  1. Too bad there’s no way in hell this’ll ever make it to this side of the Atlantic in light of our ( US ) asinine alcohol distribution , ATF regs ( its easier to import or produce guns than it is whiskey ) and the on going supply chain issues .

    Oh well … guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the last of the pre-buyout Stranahans in my cellar ….

    Hmm … … but wait … y’alls gonna entrust yer libation to other distilleries ? Fuuuuu …. Ahhhh … from what I know of that side of the business …. not the best of ideas .. at least not here in the not so good ole (Dis)United States of … errr …. here .


  2. The philosopher in the room [ with the advanced degree sheepskin on the wall to prove it ] speaketh ;

    OK amigos … lets get down to brass tacks / the heart of things .

    As you’ve intimated other than to get wasted ( in which case any ole 60 proof and above thing will do ) the consumption of premium / craft whiskey is a very personal connection between the maker and the imbiber .. as well as those the imbiber choses to share it with .

    Why ? Quality premium whiskey like quality wine .. is an expression of the maker … from grape ( mash ) to fermentation .. ( in whiskey’s case add distilling ) to aging .. to blending … and finally to the bottle

    So whenever one or more parts of the chain in fine whiskey or wine are outsourced …. well amigos … despite any and all efforts all you’re left with is a label/brand .. with zero connection to the brand owner(s?) itself …

    Which is to say .. you can get away with outsourcing when it comes to clothing etc ( hell .. tell me a single clothing manufacture who doesn’t outsource ) cause clothing aint all that personal … but with a fine premium whisky ? Sorry amigos .. but that one’s not gonna fly … for me or the market place … especially with the extensive ‘ craft ‘ whiskey competition you’re going head to head with . .. especially here in the not so US of A . And let me assure you … the premium whiskey imbibers I know are sticklers to the umpteenth degree for authenticity !!! And I do mean hardcore !!!!

    As an example … other than wanting the label on my counter … why would I chose E.S.W.O.C. over say … Widow Jane etc ?

    Apologies for the criticism gents … but I likes y’all too much not to say this .

        1. Typed too quickly … should of read ;

          Unless of course the ‘ wolf ‘ in question IS the Alpha ! Which sorry to disappoint ya … I is !

          But let me remind you of the ole dogsled team saying ;

          ” When you’re the alpha dog the view is a whole lot better … but it doesn’t mean you won’t get bit on the ass now and again ”

          Woof …. or in this case …. ah ah aaahwoooooaaaaa

          Old guys/wolves rule .. cause age , experience and guile outweighs youthful exuberance …. every time !

          1. @ Splinks – Yeah well in this case …. I aint one of them ! Sheesh .. ya’d think by now ya’d know that … but then again … thats making the assumption that yer minuscule little grey cells are capable of learning

    1. Sorry Wolfies … but I’s all about authenticity and personal choice … not curating . By anyone …. be it music ( I despise festivals .. both performing and spectating ) , art , liquid refreshments etc .

      Museums ? Thats another story . But to purchase attend ?

      To paraphrase an ole SW quote ;

      ” I don need no stinkin curating “

        1. Ahhh … if’n ya’s calling a it a personal recommendation …. well now … thats a horse / wolf of a different color .. aint it ?

          So yeah … recommend away … I’m betting most won’t be available here … but what the hell .. its always interesting to see or hear what others are up to

          But the reality is … y’alls gonna have a helluva time topping pre buyout Stranahans .. ( once they were bought out by the majors their whiskey went from competing with the worlds best Cognacs and Whiskey .. to mediocre bar spills )

          Suffice it to say .. if ya ever makes it my way … I’ll hold a bottle back … jes fer y’all .. jes in case … hell .. one bottle aint gonna kill me .. and who knows what a bit more aging in the bottle might do …

      1. OK Splinks … yer turn .. enlighten me .

        How in the H-E double hockey sticks does one make a Whiskey premix ?

        Oh … please don’t tell me yer one a those trendy wendy Suburban Urban hipster wanna be’s stuck in the middle of the Cocktail Craze

        Sigh …. oh well …. at least yer back … sort of … it seems

          1. In other words … y’all drinks mass produced crap .

            And oh … FYI.. genius … get yer freaking facts straight before blathering off the top o yer empty little head ..

            Aluminum has twenty to thirty times the carbon footprint of glass … both in manufacturing and recycling … and thats not counting all the poisons aluminum emits .. both in production – recycling … and usage

            Ahhh … but lets end on a bit of humor ;

            A spoof ad on Coors Beer ( absolute crap by the way ) I created for CO FM radio back in the day ;

            ” Yessiree son … on a hot day I jes loves ta wrap my lips ’round a tall sweaty can o BearWhizz Beer . Its in the water son .. thats why it’s yeller ”

            No doubt your favorite ( or about to be your new fav ) brand … ehhh Splinks ?

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