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K.I.S.S. Double-Knit Jersey

KISS is an acronym for keep it simple stupid. A design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960, stating that most
systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal
in design, and unnecessary complexity should be avoided

Another key goal in design should be critical thinking. An intellectually disciplined process to conceptualize,
analyze and synthesize information gathered from observation and experience to later be used as as a guide
to belief and action.

Following these principles El Solitario is proud to announce the birth of a new range in our product line.

The KISS #2 DOUBLE-KNIT JERSEY with its 310GR DOUBLE-KNIT JERSEY* with 100% Organic Cotton - fabric,
its thicker than a t-shirt, but not quite so heavy as fleece with the utility of both of them. a garment that stands on its own and
that can we worn as a 1st or 2nd layer indistincly.

*DOUBLE-KNIT jersey is a high end weft knitted fabric wich is formed by two sets of needles, making face
and back side appearance the same. Double-Knit Jersey eliminates curling tendency and laddering problems adding toughness
and an awesome hand to each garment.

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    1. Hmmm … simple … straightforward …. zero B.S. … classic … would look great over jeans .. shorts … or even casual pants with an unstructured linen sports coat ( got just the ticket .. times three ) .. at a damn decent price point to boot

      Me needs one…………… or two ( long and short sleeves ) … so hit me up on my email ( assuming y’all kept it )


      PS; Can’t wait to see what comes next !

  1. And err … this’s bears repeating ;


    Charles Bukowski – poet , author , down and dirty philosopher .. and all around ‘mericun badass

    1. Awww … come on Splinks ole bean … no clever reply ? no pithy remarks ? … nuthin ?

      Damn .. and here I is welcoming y’all back to the fold … damn … I’s seriously disappointed in ya

    2. Well lookee who/what is back ! “Its splinky its splinky the wonderful wonderful toy ” ( $100 says you have no clue what thats referencing )

      But on a serious note .

      First … you need to know I come from a very ‘ connected ‘ ( maternal side ) family .

      So here’s a little wisdom garnered from my Don great uncle when I asked him why all his Caddy’s were white . blue … anything but black … while all his gumbas , cohorts and competition ( and all the ones on TV and the Movies ) always had black .

      His answer ?

      ” So what’s the first color you think of in regards to being dangerous or a crime boss / criminal ? … I of course answered black !

      He then said .. ” Exactly ! .. and so do the police and everyone around you including your intended victim(s) ! . But the reality is … the baddest of the badasses never wears / drives black … cause the baddest of the badasses is the one standing right in front of you completely unnoticed by all around … about to slit your throat ”

      And trust me splinky ole bean … having known all his ‘ cleaners ‘ , hit men ( and women ) etc ,,,, that is wisdom to live by if you want to be a genuine outlaw or criminal . Go completely unnoticed .

      To quote the bard ( Leonard Cohen )

      ” I was not caught
      I crossed the line
      I was not caught
      Though many tried
      I live among you
      Well-disguised ”

      Wisdom indeed !!!

      And err … welcome back splinks … its about time someone other than me showed up ‘ round these here parts

        1. PS; Splinks … once again …

          ….its spelled Kutte …. get it ? K-U-T-T-E

          Seriously … it aint that hard .. and if you was a real biker … you’d not only know that .. but respect it as well .. lest ye find thyself royally stomped by the REAL ‘outlaw/criminal ‘ 1%ers in the room

        2. Ahhh always the ever clueless Splinks … the head guy leaves the dirty work to his well paid underlings … and anyway .. even the smart underling never does the deed in his own car , home , neighborhood … ever … the emphasis being on SMART !

          And ahhh Splinks young bean … SoA is DOA ,, but hey … one of these’d look mighty good on TWD … especially under Darrels angel wings vest !

          Touche ‘


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