CHEAT DEATH: Sebago X El Solitario - El Solitario

CHEAT DEATH: Sebago X El Solitario

June 9th, 2022: Sebago and El Solitario MC team up for an exclusive adrenaline-fuelled collaboration.

The two acclaimed brands are now thrilled to be joining forces to begin a new chapter in their own historic legacies, producing something entirely unique: a new and exclusive take on the iconic Dan Tag loafer.

Sebago’s authentic design meets the against-the-grain perspective of El Solitario MC to cement the timeless penny loafer’s classic construction—crafted from premium-quality leather with a hand-stitched apron guaranteed to stand the test of time—, whilst updating it with gold “Cheat Death” lettering across both shoes as a subtle yet unmistakable nod to the thrill-seeking spirit of the motorcycle universe.

A seamless celebration of Sebago heritage and El Solitario MC’s captivating vision.

What unites Sebago and El Solitario MC is a clear focus on exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail. Two seemingly opposing worlds, driven by a common desire to harness their outstanding craftsmanship to make their visions a reality.

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  1. Love the video . Especially LOVE the bike ! Love the prose !

    Cheating death … hmmm …. seems over th past few years I may know more about that than I wish I did … . But hey … as the bard ( Eddie Veder ) said .. ” I’m Still Alive ” !!!! And ( bleep ) those who don’t like it !

    As for the ‘ inner ‘ wolf though … I say let the damn thing out . You’d be surprised knowing wolves as I do … how restrained , disciplined and controlled they are when need be .

    As fer the peds ( shoes ) ya gotta admit … there’s something …. hmm … sarcastic ? … ironic ? .. or simply contradictory about shiny leather penny loafers usually worn by Wall Street business men , preppies , yuppies and Silicon Valley nerds ( at least here in the not so U of SA ) that say ” Cheat Death ” across the tongue .

    Oh well .. Sebago’s a great shoe … y’all … well … y’all know what I think of you .. so here’s hoping the market says yay and buys the damn things !

    As for my preferred footwear ? SCARPA approach shoes ! Why ? Cause they look as iconoclast as I am … and no matter what the terrain … they’re raring and ready to go / climb / repel / ride ( M/C or bicycle ) etc … not that I’m doing any o’ that lately … but the time will come when I shed this damn walking apparatus ( switched from cane to Leki trekking pole ) and get back to it

    Hmmm … now there’s a future thought …. El Solitario SCARPA approach shoes …. hmmmm likes … me wants !

    Now let the damn wolf loose afer I’s forced to board a freakin plane ta Spain and yank the damn thing outta y’all ( LoL )

    GuitarSlinger ( aka Kafka on the High Plains )

    1. .. and yeah .. over on this side of the Atlantic … thats what we calls em .. penny loafers . Why ? Take a penny and slip it into the pocket on the tongue … it fits like flynn .. hence the moniker for life o’r here .

  2. .. and hey … this’n definitely bears repeating ;

    ” I was not caught
    I crossed the line
    I was not caught
    Though many tried
    I live among you
    Well-disguised ”

    ( Leonard Cohen )

    Hmm … them Wolfy Sebagos might just fit the bill here . Well disguised indeed ! Hmm ……

  3. The more I think about this Cohen lyric and those Sebago shoes … the more they fit together like black beans and rice !

    Too bad it’d probably cost a fortune to license the song for a video or an ad or two .. cause damn …. it really does fit

  4. OK .. last post on this page .

    These shoes need a new custom M/C to promote them .

    Now don’t get me wrong … me loves the BBW … but these ‘ stealth ‘ shoes need sumpin different .

    What you ask ? Without trying to step on y’alls creativity .,,

    A bike that at first glance seems normal . But on 2nd you know you’re seeing something new .

    Subtle and elegant enough on the outside to park in front of the main casino in Monte Carlo fitting right in with the multi million dollar hyper and luxury cars .

    Badasses enough underneath to tear the face off any competition … not to mention throw its rider right into the grips of the ” Sausage Creature ” should the rider not pay the respect that the bike demands .

    Capable enough to blast down any highway … yet comfortable puddling around town … while being competent enough to rip up a dirt road if need be

    Hmmmn …….

    Sounds like a helluva M/C to me . Question is … can it be done ? Hmm … I bet if’n ya puts yer collective minds to it … y’alls capable of pulling it off .


  5. Eeesh … y’all seem to be on intermittent sabbatical …. The Vintagent has de-evolved into The E-Sycophant ( replete with Carnival Barker E – propaganda and rhetoric ) … two more print mags bite the dust here in the US .. what little is left online custom M/C wise has gone ultimate Suburban Urban Hipster Wanna Be ( hipster my ass .. more like badly done xeroxes of a past they hardly understand ) barely worth the effort … despite the dearth of words …

    So …. sigh … much like the music world ( calling it a business at present is a contradiction in terms ) .. it seems the M/C world has gone down the tubes

    So mi amigos … thanks for the thoughts … and the idea of something ‘ happening ‘ .. its been real … and damn for a long time it was fun … but the fun seems to be long gone .. and therefore so must I be

    Adios mi amigos .. via con … dios ? ( what ever if any ” Small Metal Gods ” y’all might bow down ;the David Sylvian song of the same title ) .. keep the rubber side down … the shiny side up … the ” Sausage Creature ” at bay .. and if’n yer ever in my neck of the woods ( we’ll be here at least another 18 months ) drop me a line and I’ll treat y’all to some genuine Colorado fare ( rattle snake .. Bison .. bear meat … Rocky Mt Oysters etc ) at e genuinely legendary eatery … along with a spirt or two ta wash it down with

    Ride On – Rock On – Remain Calm ( or least try yer best ) and do mi amigos .. try and Carry On ( my wayward sons ) as best as possible till y’all can come back full bore once again

    Toodles .. y’all be missed

    Yers .. GTRSLNGR… Aka… ‘Kafka on the High Plains ‘ ( damn that advanced degree in Philosophy anywhooo )


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