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Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Sunday´s full Moon will be very special. The first supermoon* of the year, it will also be the only total lunar eclipse** of 2022. In other words, this Sunday we will witness an incredible SUPER BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE which, if your weather favours you, it will be a beautiful thing to enjoy.

To celebrate this, El Solitario will offer a zealous 20% OFF on all our adventure equipment (which is never discounted) to encourage you to stay awake and enjoy the beauty of our planet with such an special phenomenon.
STARTS: MAY 13th, 12:00H CET
ENDS: MAY 16th, 12:00H CET *discount will be made automatically at checkout

This animation shows the moon moving right to left, passing through the penumbra and umbra,
turning red during a total lunar eclipse. (NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio)
NASA’s map of where the total lunar eclipse will be visible. The document also depicts how deep the moon will be traveling through Earth’s shadow. (NASA)

*Supermoons occur when the Moon is at at least 90% of perigee, which is the point in the Moon’s orbit where it is closest to Earth.
**Lunar eclipses occur when the full moon moves into the shadow of the Earth. Since the Earth and the moon have slightly tilted orbits to each other, this happens generally a couple of times a year when the tilts of the orbit align but a total eclipse only happens once every 2.5 years.
We recommend riding into the wild at least 20 minutes before the eclipse starts, to get your eyes adjusted to the darkness. Equipment such as cameras, telescopes and binoculars may need a few hours to adjust to the different temperatures and humidity outside, so bring them out as soon as possible to avoid dew issues.

When you’re outside, make sure you dress for the weather and do what you can to feel comfortable for the event. Lay your blanket, stay hydrated and keep phones or flashlights away to maximize the pleasure of the eclipse.


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  1. For us here in the High Plains Colorado USA ( Steppes actually … but … you know ) May 16th is our day to see this . Here’s hoping all the smoke from NM AZ and TX doesn’t make its way up here again that night

    Though I’s kind of surprised you need to give the advice you give in the last sentence .. to what I perhaps wrongly assumed were some pretty savvy wolfies

    In addendum though … turn the damn cellphone OFF ! And simply enjoy the show … gratis .. thanks to what’s left of Mother Nature .

  2. A little soundtrack to get y’all to yer viewing destination ( in no particular order ) ;

    The Hives – ” Blood Red Moon ” .. ( goofy song .. lousy vocals … but it fits )

    Neville Brothers – ” Yellow Moon ” ( wrong color but a damn fine song by a damn fine band ! )

    Creedence ClearWater Revival – ” Bad Moon Rising ” ( in light of y’alls recent history [ see Mt Etna etc ] this’n may end up being too damn prophetic … sigh .. )

    Van Morrison – ” MoonDance ” … ( a classic if there ever was one )

    Jimmy Webb – ” The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress ” ( don’t matter who’s version …including Pat Metheny’s instrumental version .. this one is ‘ killer ‘ )

    Join Mitchell – ” Moon at the Window ” ( its Joni .. need I say more ? )

    Nick Drake – ” Pink Moon ” ( damn … what a depressing end to a creative as hell life… sigh …….. )

    Pink Floyd – ” Dark Side of the Moon ” ( again .. perhaps a bit too prophetic … but there it is )

    There’s a ton more … but this oughta get y’all there in style

    Now pardon me while I go all Addams Family and prepare for a little moontan this Sunday .. assuming we ( Colorado ) don’t catch fire by then .. sigh …. What a ( cussed ) up summer we seem to be heading towards


    1. Sung to ” Moondance ”

      ” Its a beautiful night for a moontan
      with no smoke clogging up your eyes
      a fantabulous night for the RayBans ( the lunar version )
      neith the cloudless Colorado skies ”

      So yup … time to rid ourselves of that healthy glow to be replaced by a moonly pallor worthy of Morticia , Adam ( ” Only Lovers Remain Alive ” ) and Nosferatu ….. 😎


      Hows about some coverage of todays SCRAM Africa ?

      I mean damn guys … thats an event tailor made for y’all and the Desert Wolves !

      Or … maybe yer already there ?

      1. Oops … I thought the creators of SCRAP Africa was that Aussie GearHead magazine I used to be able to get here in the US … only to just discover … they’re ESP. and may be a competitor .

        To quote the artist Giacometti … ” Fuuuuuuuuuuucka ! … mea culpa mi amigos if any insult was taken … damn … thats one helluva phoopaa/ ( cuss) up on my part

        Damn … more fool me .. I’ll shut up now and prepare for the evenings … errr .. visuals and … well … you know …. 🙁

  3. So for us … clear skies .. no visible smoke ( we’re again becoming surrounded by wildfires ) .. but no Red … Blood .. or even a Pink Moon for us .

    Full eclipse … a few moments of ‘ Japanese Lantern Effect ‘ ( a bit of blue .. purple and yellow popping up here and there but nothing constant ) but not even a hint of red . Sigh … different atmospheric conditions and altitude ( we are 5600 above sea level where I am .. and probably 6200 above where we went to observe ) no doubt

    Oh well .. it was still quite a show watching the moon disappear .. and despite running out of SPF – 35 Moontan lotion we still managed to rid ourselves of a bit of that heathy glow we were acquiring .. so molto grazie for the heads up

    And yeah … on the moontan thing … I’m being more than a bit silly … but during these trying times … can there be too much silliness in the world ? Methinks not


    PS; And err … it looks like this time we avoided some kind of major disaster

  4. OK .. another idea from the bored shitless mind of a quasi gimp !

    The new H-D ‘ LiveWire ‘ S2 . The first EV M/C just begging to be customized .. and the first that actually looks like it belongs to the brand that owns it

    [ lets face it .. the S1 looked like an overweight Ducati Diavel ]

    And yeah yeah H-D .. we know all about ‘ badge engineering ‘ and the such … fact is LiveWire moniker aside .. its a farking H-D !

    Back to the S2 though ;

    Looking it over from several angles … I’m seeing a definite ‘ chopper ‘ … with a tweak or two a ‘ bobber ‘ … bend it here and there a bit and its an ADV … twist it the other way around .. and presto ..’ cafe racer ‘

    But definitely … a ‘ chopper ‘ . Some genius ( like y’all ) I’m sure can devise a way to make it a hard tail … etc . And just think of the .01% ( thinking about the target audience and the price tag ) Silicon Valley club monikers you could come up with … like ;

    The Quiet Assassins

    The Silent Spectors

    The Phantom Wraiths ( my favorite )

    The Soulless Spirits

    The Shadows of Revenant

    Ghost Riders of the Road

    etc .. etc … et al … ad …. nauseam ?

    So yeah Wolves .. call yer buddies at the Motor Company and get em to send you an S2 ( or two ) … and get on it … then create some gear to go with it .. afer someone else does !

    Errr .. so have I become a royal pain in the ass yet ? If so amigos … just say the word … and promise … I’ll shut up

  5. OK … so err .. I guess since my PitA post has disappeared .. I’m not .. so here’s a M/C newsflash from the states ;

    H-D has suspended ALL production .. with the exception of the LiveWires . And those not because of sales .. but cause they gotta .. what with the lack of Li’s and the rapidly increasing prices of what few Lis are available . e.g. Either build em now .. or don’t build em at all … eeesh …

    Damn disturbing if you ask me … which makes me wonder … what’s going on with the rest of the M/C industry … which is the most opaque of all transportation industries ?

    Damn … what with print magazines disappearing left and right ( along with the lack of involvement with online sources ) …. where is motorcycling heading towards the middle of the 21st century ?

    Damn creepy if you ask me … reminding me of what’s been going on with the Guitar industry ( both instruments and music )
    In case y’all don’t know … its tumbled off the cliff rapidly heading towards the bottom of the abyss head fricking first .

    Damn … and what can we do … about both ? Well … according to the words of the ‘ bard ‘ George Carlin … we’re …. FCKD !

    Hmmm ……………

    Maybe we need to come up with … err … something new to do ? Damn !!!!!!

    1. WTF?!?!?!?!??!!?
      You prolific madafaka!!!!!
      Can’t keep up with yAª!”·
      KEEPING MYSELF AND THE PACK away form the news and didn’t know about HD!
      Amazing times we are living and most amazingly they seem like kindergarten compared to what I feel is coming. It’s like we are in the prelude of a B Terror movie
      Here we are concentrating on the ranch and the orchards and riding s much as we can in nature. Roads are full of zombies wearing masks voluntarily.
      The world is strange
      Is it that Im becoming old?
      Will keep concentrating in loving my own

      1. Hahahahahahaha ! Prolific madfck … I loves it !

        Promise you though … its cause I’s bored s–t less cause of the limitations imposed upon me by that damn effiing ” Sausage Creature ” ( bones is healed but the extensive nerve and tendon damage persists )

        Keeping away from the news . SMART MOVE .. I accidentally tripped over that bit about the Motor Company … damn !!! .. I’ve got friends , fans and former neighbors in the KCMO plant .. damn !!!

        And no … ‘ because yer old ‘ is the myth they’d like us to believe . Its cause we’s wiser and see things more clearly cause of our experience with the broader picture … so next time someone deals that line to ya … tells em to F! off !

        Strange ? Damn .. thats an understatement ….as effed up as it has been in 70 years comes a little closer .

        As for me and mine … Remember the Bob Dylan quote I’ve been using ?

        ” People are crazy and the times are strange
        I’m locked in tight I’m out of range
        I used to care .. but things have changed ”

        ” Things Have Changed ” Bob Dylan .. from the film ( and a damn fine film it is ) ” Wonder Boys ” … a damn fine book as well

        Stay sane … f’ the BS … keep the faith in the pack …. and err …

        Stay the F……. in touch once and while ya crazy canis lupus

        But errr … I’s one of those still wearing masks and I aint no effing zombie , meat head or sheeple ( last guy that called me that found out one of the many uses of a cane … the hard way.. wink wink ) .

        But then again we gots close friends in the medical profession as well as epidemiology … so errr … apologies but .. we know better than not to wear a mask indoors .. remember

        ” Science Does Not Care What You ( or I ) Think “.. it just is ….

        And outdoors ? …. hell … if your air quality is as bad as ours … maybe they’re the smartest MF’s around !


        PS; A killer H.S.T, book practically hot off the press ;

        ” Savage Journey and the weird road to Gonzo Journalism ” by Peter Richardson

        Ciao for now !

  6. Sumpin postive ;

    Got access to HBO over in yer end of the world ? ( I’m betting you do )

    Must see ;

    HBO’s two part series ;

    ” George Carlin’s American Dream ”

    Damn I miss his voice in the world . The comedic equivalent to H.ST. ( well .. except for that stretch in the 80’s )

    A choice quote ;

    ” The American dream . The only way you can believe in it is if you’re asleep ”

    Another ( on the reality of the self righteous Right’s anti abortion stance ) I paraphrase ;

    ” In their minds as a fetus you have all the rights in the world and are worthy of their protection . Once your nine months is up and you’re born though … you’re FCKD ! Until of course you reach military age . At which point these Pro Lifers will send you to die in one stupid military conflict or another ”

    Sigh … despite his extreme cynicism towards the end of his life … damn I miss his voice ! Along with H.S.T. – Bourdain – Vonnegut .. etc .. et al . Damn … why do all the good ones die ( or commit suicide ) while the assholes of the world seem to live on forever and a day ?

    Damn !!!!

    Now about those ICBMs heading our way … wink wink !


  7. ” I was not caught
    I crossed the line
    I was not caught
    Though many tried
    I live among you
    Well-disguised ”

    ( Leonard Cohen )

    The very essence of ‘ outlaw ‘ existence …. and the very definition .. of mine. 😎

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