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Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Sunday´s full Moon will be very special. The first supermoon* of the year, it will also be the only total lunar eclipse** of 2022. In other words, this Sunday we will witness an incredible SUPER BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE which, if your weather favours you, it will be a beautiful thing to enjoy.

To celebrate this, El Solitario will offer a zealous 20% OFF on all our adventure equipment (which is never discounted) to encourage you to stay awake and enjoy the beauty of our planet with such an special phenomenon.
STARTS: MAY 13th, 12:00H CET
ENDS: MAY 16th, 12:00H CET
*discount will be made automatically at checkout
This animation shows the moon moving right to left, passing through the penumbra and umbra, turning red during a total lunar eclipse. (NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio)
NASA's map of where the total lunar eclipse will be visible. The document also depicts how deep the moon will be traveling through Earth's shadow. (NASA)
*Supermoons occur when the Moon is at at least 90% of perigee, which is the point in the Moon’s orbit where it is closest to Earth.

**Lunar eclipses occur when the full moon moves into the shadow of the Earth. Since the Earth and the moon have slightly tilted orbits to each other, this happens generally a couple of times a year when the tilts of the orbit align but a total eclipse only happens once every 2.5 years.

We recommend riding into the wild at least 20 minutes before the eclipse starts, to get your eyes adjusted to the darkness. Equipment such as cameras, telescopes and binoculars may need a few hours to adjust to the different temperatures and humidity outside, so bring them out as soon as possible to avoid dew issues.

When you’re outside, make sure you dress for the weather and do what you can to feel comfortable for the event. Lay your blanket, stay hydrated and keep phones or flashlights away to maximize the pleasure of the eclipse. 

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  1. For us here in the High Plains Colorado USA ( Steppes actually … but … you know ) May 16th is our day to see this . Here’s hoping all the smoke from NM AZ and TX doesn’t make its way up here again that night

    Though I’s kind of surprised you need to give the advice you give in the last sentence .. to what I perhaps wrongly assumed were some pretty savvy wolfies

    In addendum though … turn the damn cellphone OFF ! And simply enjoy the show … gratis .. thanks to what’s left of Mother Nature .

  2. A little soundtrack to get y’all to yer viewing destination ( in no particular order ) ;

    The Hives – ” Blood Red Moon ” .. ( goofy song .. lousy vocals … but it fits )

    Neville Brothers – ” Yellow Moon ” ( wrong color but a damn fine song by a damn fine band ! )

    Creedence ClearWater Revival – ” Bad Moon Rising ” ( in light of y’alls recent history [ see Mt Etna etc ] this’n may end up being too damn prophetic … sigh .. )

    Van Morrison – ” MoonDance ” … ( a classic if there ever was one )

    Jimmy Webb – ” The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress ” ( don’t matter who’s version …including Pat Metheny’s instrumental version .. this one is ‘ killer ‘ )

    Join Mitchell – ” Moon at the Window ” ( its Joni .. need I say more ? )

    Nick Drake – ” Pink Moon ” ( damn … what a depressing end to a creative as hell life… sigh …….. )

    Pink Floyd – ” Dark Side of the Moon ” ( again .. perhaps a bit too prophetic … but there it is )

    There’s a ton more … but this oughta get y’all there in style

    Now pardon me while I go all Addams Family and prepare for a little moontan this Sunday .. assuming we ( Colorado ) don’t catch fire by then .. sigh …. What a ( cussed ) up summer we seem to be heading towards


    1. Sung to ” Moondance ”

      ” Its a beautiful night for a moontan
      with no smoke clogging up your eyes
      a fantabulous night for the RayBans ( the lunar version )
      neith the cloudless Colorado skies ”

      So yup … time to rid ourselves of that healthy glow to be replaced by a moonly pallor worthy of Morticia , Adam ( ” Only Lovers Remain Alive ” ) and Nosferatu ….. 😎


      Hows about some coverage of todays SCRAM Africa ?

      I mean damn guys … thats an event tailor made for y’all and the Desert Wolves !

      Or … maybe yer already there ?

      1. Oops … I thought the creators of SCRAP Africa was that Aussie GearHead magazine I used to be able to get here in the US … only to just discover … they’re ESP. and may be a competitor .

        To quote the artist Giacometti … ” Fuuuuuuuuuuucka ! … mea culpa mi amigos if any insult was taken … damn … thats one helluva phoopaa/ ( cuss) up on my part

        Damn … more fool me .. I’ll shut up now and prepare for the evenings … errr .. visuals and … well … you know …. 🙁

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