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Inspiration exists, but it better catch you working!

Many of you will know why El Solitario decided to brand our adventures under the wolf insignia, and this message might seem redundant, but others will certainly love to know when and why we decided to seal our destiny with this magnificent creature.

El Solitario´s first Insignia in 2010 was a helmeted skull over some ape hangers and a smoking spark plug. An unpretentious way to describe what we initially thought we were all about. As with most new beginnings, it wasn´t long before we realized that our bikes and our products were not well represented by our flag.

It was in 2012 when we started to search for a new Insignia under which to expand our creative ethos and this should always consider our call for the wild and the unexplored.

As Picasso said, inspiration exists, but it better catch you working! Everyday, we we’re looking for that elusive cue, (a signal!), that could show us the umbrella under which to develop our brand for ever and ever. As usually happens when you’re concentrated, the lightning didn’t take long to strike.

Can remember it vividly still. It was a cold Sunday afternoon delighted by some well deserved family time with the kiddos, watching – for the 11th time – Wes Anderson´s adaptation of Roald Dahl´s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” on the projector screen. All warm, tucked on the sofa, it was coming to its end, and there was again our favorite scene: Their final encounter with the wild Wolf!

The scene shows a bullshit artist Mr Fox and his entourage, escaping triumphantly from the villagers on their stolen boxer motorized sidecar and abruptly hitting the brakes after sightseeing a wolf in the distance. Mr. Fox´s utmost fear! The black wolf is intended to be a metaphor for Mr. Fox’s internal shadow and is a representation of the wild. A connection between civilization and wildness.

Struck by this scene´s power and symbolism – again, in its 11th time! – just by watching the faces and gestures of our youngest, we confirmed we had found our spiritual animal. That hungry wolf would protect us while we run as far as we want with our brand, and make us never forget that we are still wild animals too.

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  1. God knows I love that film and especially love that scene . Actually there’s a couple of scenes in the film showing the solitary wolf … but by far the one you’re referencing is the best . And damn I’m glad y’all switched from the ever omnipresent over used now nothing more than a pastiche remake of the ‘ skull ‘ theme … to the wolf .

    Rock On – Ride On -Remain Calm ( despite that becoming more difficult by the day as the world cowers in the shadow of Vlad the Impaler ) – do Carry On .. and err … have yourselves a good howl at the moon !

    Aaaa Aaaa Aaaa Ooooooo Aaa

  2. … and errr .. excuse the pedantic moment but …

    .. calling the Mr Fox main character of the film/book a b.s. artist is a bit much .. not to mention inaccurate .

    Thief ? – Definitely ……….. A serious trickster ? – Aint all foxes tricksters ?……….. A con artist ? – To a certain extent .. sure .. I’d give you that .

    But in the end despite his flaws .. Mr Fox ( of both the movie and the book ) cares for his family and friends whole heartedly … willing to lay it all on the line for their safety and survival .

    And yeah Mr Fox admires that lone wolf like nobody’s business . But despite the realities of a lone wolf ( a lone wolf in nature is a wolf in very deep shit ) can you blame him …. Or y’all ( for using it as your emblem ) .. or me for loving that you do ? Hell no !


  3. ” Find you working ” ???

    Work ?…….. WTF is work ? …….Oh wait … you mean that thing I did before COVID began its reign of terror … that shit that took up all my time afer the goram ” Sausage Creature ” kicked my proverbial posterior …that crap that seemed to pay less as the digital era increased ?

    Work ! Bahhh humbug – ” bs .. total bs ” ( as the TV character ” Bulldog ” would say ) …. an alternative reality .. drinking the Koolaid myth … work … yeah right !

    Oh … wait a minute … its been so damn long I almost forgot … I kind of liked that shit y’all call work ! Hmmm …

    Oh well … never mind …

    ( sorry … again I could not resist )


  4. Damn … things sure have gotten awfully damn quiet round these here parts of late . No Splinky …. no Wolves replying ( anywhere ) or commenting … hardly any new blog posts .. nuthin elsewhere either ….

    Hmm … so either ;

    1) I’s somehow become persona non grata .. or …

    2).The Wolves is deep in the weeds ( in other words …” when you’re up to yer ass in alligators its hard to remember your initial objective was to drain the swamp ” ) .. or … errr ..

    3) Maybe nobody gives a rats posterior anymore ?

    Hmmm … to quote Agatha Christie’s grandmother … ” I’ll hope for the best [ in this case the ‘ weeds ‘ scenario ] … but will expect the worst” …

    …cause hell … after four years of the 350lb orangutan .. two years and counting of COVID … a run in with the ” Sausage Creature ” .. Vlad the Impaler on the rampage … and my end of the world literally on fire ( As it Goes in California .. so It Now Goes in Colorado as well as AZ and NM … in efffing April !!!!! supposedly our wettest season !!!!! ).. hell … how bad can the worst be ? We’ll see ………….


    1. Sorry my dear GS. Post very little around here as have the impression nobody cares.
      They’re all trapped in Suckerberg´s metashit vaping soma.
      We’re glad you’re still resisting here!
      Keep on howling our dear Guitar Slinger

      1. Some more specific suggestions ( seriously … with all the time on my hands .. this is fun ,, and it gets the ole noggin workin) … ;

        1) Custom Builds – I know y’alls got a working relationship with H-D .. and that new Nightster is just begging to be seriously Lupified … but how’s about hitting up BMW as well ? Seriously … the R18 has Wolfinsanity written all over it

        And err … thinking a bit selfishly ( since this may be what I end up with ) .. how’s about a Wolfpack … err … ahh .. sidecar rig .. attached to an appropriately Wolfified M/C

        2) People – Right down the road from y’all ( it doesn’t all have ta be about M/C’s ya know ) Insane iconoclast / the wizard of Galicia ‘ /the ‘Gimli’ of winemakers ! Raul Perez . Why … cause like y’all .. he’s a bit touched ( in the right way ) and there’s a serious lack of English articles and interviews about him . Not to mention how many M/C enthusiasts imbibe in the grape !

        And honestly … there’s got to be an Iberian Peninsula equivalent to Italy’s ” Cocco ” ( Alfeo Carmolatti ).. or three !

        3) Rides – Andorra .. on a Desert Wolf … or something more sporty . Why ? How many ride articles have you seen on Andorra ( other than those on AllAndorra ) ? None that I’ve ever seen . Hows about a trip to the more remote areas of the Pyrenees as well ? Hell … talk about some seriously ignored beauty !

        Nope Wolves .. tis time for you ( and I ) to get off our proverbial posteriors and start thinking in some new ways … afer we both wind up on the ( cussing ) endangered list !

        ( you do realize its all your damn fault the wife and I watched that movie … again !!!! )…

        …like the wolfpack in N.Colorado which just got wiped out by two stupid assed farmers with nightvision goggles , semi automatic assault and sniper rifles [ such bravery … such manliness .. such cojones .. or not … lets go with … NOT ! ]

      2. So here’s a thought ( completely devoid of humor )

        Maybe part of the reason things have gotten so …. err …. dull round these here parts is because its been a month of Sundays since y’all built the last bat(cuss) crazy El Solitario bit of motorcycle madness .

        Cause lets face it … its the bikes that promote your brand the best .

        And another thought . Seeing as how regardless of how much $$$$ y’all have on hand there’s only so many bikes you can build in any one period of time …so ……

        … how’s about featuring some of your fellow bat(cuss) crazy Spanish ( Spanish ? Hell … how about the entire Iberian peninsula well as Andorra ) custom builders to fill in the void .

        Why? … y’alls a much ignored corner of the custom bike building world ( unjustifiably so ) … and that’d go a long way to keeping interest up on the site …. and the goodies y’all has on offer . Capice ?

        And hell ,,, in league with the above … how’s about kicking Vincent Prat & Co out of their long slumber … getting them to help with the features .. as well as coming up with a few of their own . I’ll tell you point blank I personally miss the ( cuss ) out of their website , features and ramblings

        Anyhooo …. there’s my business thoughts for the day … gratis of course should y’all take me up on any of them !

        And then there’s that T-Shirt logo we collaborated on ;

        ” Happiness is a Warm Motorbike ” .. once again … my contribution …should it be of any value … is gratis as we’ll

        Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( f… em if they can’t take a joke ) .. and do god damn it … Carry On … my wayward sons and brothers of a different mother 😎

        1. Happiness Tee is coming!!!
          And Vincent should wake up after the bandidos sacked his house, leave this behind and learn not to give a fuck.
          I´ll try!!!!
          Always awesome to read you hermano loco de Colorado

      3. Hmmm … hokee dokee .. can do mi amigos . Though I’ll lean a little harder on the sarcasm & humor rather than the pedantic side .. for both our sakes ..

        Hasta la Vista … and as we said in Conservatory ( this was the early … errr …. ahhh … hmmm … 70’s mind you .. so no insult intended ) Via con Dildos


  5. To quote the bard ( Jim Morrison )

    ” Break on thru to the Other Side … Break on thru to the Other Side ‘

    What ever that ‘ other side ‘ ….may be …. for y’all …. and me !

    Remembering the words of H.S.T, while on our search for what’s on that ‘ other side ‘

    ” Money is Cheap … Freedom is Expensive ”

    So count the cost … pay the price .. and remain free .. despite popular /populist zeitgeist to the contrary

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