“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” 
― Hunter S. Thompson


Photography by our dearest wolf Polo Garat

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  1. Yeah mi amigos . I’s back . Worse for wear ( did y’all get my email about my run in with the ‘ Sausage Creature ‘ ?) but alive and recovering albeit too damn slow with in the short term no end in sight !

    So … a counterpart to the above HST quote ;

    ” Money and possessions are free … its Freedom that is expensive ” – Hunter S. Thompson

    And a definite counterpart to PdH’s quote ;

    ” Beginners copy – talent borrows – Genius …. STEALS ” ” August Renoir … now pardon me while I goes stealin a bit on mi guitara ..


    PS; Still loving the wines of your fellow Galician .. Raul Perez … once I was off the meds … obviously

    And a recommend …. ” Savage Journey ” by Peter Richardson … an HST MUST READ for anyone claiming to be an aficionado


    1. I answered on Nov. 16th, while I had just broken my leg on a moto accident
      Also requested your address to send you a small surprise to uplift your spirits although if you’re in the hands of Raul Perez you’re in good hands

      1. Mi amigos . WTF is going on with the digital gremlins ? I never received your reply … and to boot this stupid comment system keeps my comment hidden for well past twenty days ! ( was begging ig to think I was banned ) Damn I hate the net sometimes

        How is I – well … 18 fractures of the pelvis and hip and a ton of titanium don’t exactly feel good … but I’s on the mend … walking again … albeit with a cane .. and doing maybe 80% of normal . Damn ” Sausage Creature ”

        Felling better ? A 100% better than even last month .. but still a very long way to go . The Orthopod … ( as Dr Oliver Sacks calls them in his book ” A Leg To Stand On ” Highly recommended to anyone dealing with a traumatic injury ) .. says probably another 8-12 months … but the prognosis is 100% recovery

        Good vibes ? Yes please . And muchos gracias !!! I’ll try emailing y’all again later this week from another email hoping that one finally lets you goes thru !!! Damn gremlins

        How are you and the broken leg healing up ? Good I hope .

        Rock On – Ride On ( I assume ) Remain Calm – effff em if they can’t take a Joke .. and Do Carry On ( my wayward sons )

        Ciao GTR .. aka Thom

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