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Kluane Kings – Salmon and Ice Bears

“Kluane Kings – Salmon and Ice Bears” documentary will focus on the disappearing salmon of Canada’s pacific coast, the first nations people who depend on the salmon and the bears that they share the land with.

For the following two and a half months, fellow wolves Peter Zenkl & Peter Mather will be camping out in the wild heart of the Yukon territory, filming and photographing bears, eagles, salmon and human characters as they fish for late spawning salmon.

These winter salmon are part of a small salmon population still active during the cold northern winter. And as the temperature falls far below freezing, icicles form in the fur of the grizzlies and transforms them into “ice bears”.

The project will give an insight of their work in the field, introduce the bears and the people and show the stunning winter landscape of the far north, touching on the topics of climate change and disappearing salmon numbers, as well as the resulting conflicts for First Nation communities and the ecosystem as a whole.

Photos by Peter Zenkl

Peter always wears El Solitario Cashmere on his adventures.

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