“Being tailors specialized in down jackets is to be more than artisans… is to be proud craftsmen.”

This is the small story of a great brand.

Pedro Gómez began his career in the textile industry as an apprentice tailor in the 1940s.
His passion for mountain sports and the need to protect himself from low temperatures, led him to start developing down-filled sleeping bags in 1954, which would forever mark the history of outdoor equipment.

The success of these sleeping bags was surprising from the beginning and was consolidating as he improved them over the years, incorporating the most advanced technical innovations.

With these premises and in response to the demands of his mountaineering friends, he began to develop the first down jackets. Always tailored to the individual traits of each wearer. 
A genuine novelty that immediately led to a true revolution for this type of garment. 

The legendary personality of the brand, patented in 1959, was forged thanks to the leading role it played in the first Spanish expeditions to conquer the highest peaks in the world.

Soon after, his garments began to have a prominent presence, both in the mountains and technical expeditions, as well as on ski slopes throughout Europe.


In less time than expected, EL IGLOO became, on its own merits, the authentic Spanish benchmark in the world of mountain sports. Moreover, thanks to its light but distinctive sartorial spirit, the PEDRO GOMEZ transcended the field of sport to become one of the most important trends in Madrid fashion.

All this thanks to the high quality of its garments and their customization. A distinctive fact that allowed its customers to have a unique article in its design and conception and with the maximum guarantee of exclusivity. 
Deportes EL IGLOO, 1985
Pedro Gómez kitted explorers and adventurers such as Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, a naturalist and environmentalist who dedicated his life to respecting, loving and fighting for wolves. There would probably be far fewer wolves left today, or none at all, if it were not for the tenacity and passion that this man put into understanding and defending this magnificent animal.
Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente with RTVE cameraman Teodoro Roa García , Alaska 1980.
Members of the Spanish Royal House, flaunted their down jackets, both in sporting occasions and in other types of events.
Pedro and his first creation. A down duvet for his expeditions circa 1954.
Pedro Gomez at the new flagship store in Madrid in 2021

In PEDRO GOMEZ the non-negotiable objective, and perhaps also part of the secret of its success, is that there cannot be a large number of identical garments. For this reason, the option of customization has always been essential. This tailoring process that allows the customer to choose any combination of fabrics and colors in the body and yoke, number of pockets, color of zippers, cuffs and even the inner lining. 

One of the secrets of Pedro Gomez is the use of duck down sourced from the best farms in the regions of Aquitaine, Pyrenees and Poitou. The Downpass label guarantees the highest standards of traceability, animal dignity and sustainability. The natural properties of down and feathers make it exceptionally good at trapping heat and keeping us warm. It is water and wind repellent, light and breathable. 

Added to this is the Greenfirst anti-mite treatment, a natural process based on lavender, lemon and eucalyptus, effective even after several washes at 90°C. Combined with a process of washing and sterilization in baths at over 100°C, this makes the down absolutely hypoallergenic.

Finally, the brand’s own determination to only create long-lasting clothing is a declaration of intentions and a commitment to a more leisurely and thoughtful lifestyle.

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