The human body needs certain ergonomics to tackle the task of riding off-road in extreme conditions. It is hard and you need to be fit and concentrated, otherwise you won’t survive. Specially when years start adding up! The other key factors to keep in mind are risk management, weight and reliability.

Many Pros, and those at the peak of their performance in their late 20s, will disagree and say that some of these parts could be somewhat of band aids for bad technique if you need to rely on them to make the day and/or that all we need is to anticipate bla bla bla … But reality is that they help us, the weekend warriors, keep up to the task. Cheating? Hell to the yeah!@#

Acknowledged this, it’s not easy for us to accept that modern Enduro Bikes come practically unbeatable out of the box, but it is a fact. If you’ve been around them for enough time you’ll invariably realize that modifying them is as hard as it gets and seldom improves them.

Still there are some small companies that have the experience and engineering skills, to tackle this and help us go that extra mile while riding on the wild side. At El Solitario we only collaborate with the best. Period. This backbone enables our relationship with these companies to become more like family, entirely based on mutual respect and not on economical reasons.

This is why when we recommend a product it´s because we have tried it and it has substantially improved our life, and nothing else.

Ride free!

Nothing can beat the Bajas. There are some guys ripping them off but they don’t even get close to the original. With these bad boys you will be able to enjoy the beauty of night riding. This is tricky at first but incredible as you get used to it. At night its also when you encounter the most wildlife and make possible to cross incredible, otherwise banned, territories as no one is watching once the moon is up.
Remember that it simply takes fitness to grip the bike with your legs for hours on end, but many of us weekend warriors simply aren’t that fit and are also getting old. Steg Pegz make it much easier to grip your enduro beast with your legs. The result? Less arm pump, upper body fatigue and more secure body positioning and less strain on your fingers. Which all means you can stand on the footpegs much longer and control your bike better with Steg Pegz. But what about downhill runs? You simply stop gripping the bike and let your boots slide past. Easy peasy.
Foot pegs aren’t something that you give a second thought as most regard them as just a place to plant your feet, but with Pivot Pegz® there’s just a new world opening when you realize the impact a pair of pegs can have on your riding. Being able to always have a full contact area between boot and peg minimizes the risk of slipping off the peg, even when hanging back as far as possible over the rear fender. Weight distribution is the key! Find the balance point and then traction will propel you out of trouble. Once you tried them there’s no going back, plus they got a killer look!
First time I saw a Selab grip cover was at Enduro Republic a few years ago and I was thrilled by its appearance and feel. These seat covers are made of silicone, they’re indestructible and they glue your legs and ass to the bike. Grip is so incredible that they will pull your pants off before letting you slide back.  What does this grip mean to your body? You guessed right:  Less arm pump, upper body fatigue, more secure body positioning and less strain on your fingers…
Pros will argue it’s all in your legs when climbing since the front end has no weight on it, that’s what´s going to be steering the bike and that’s what´s going to keep your body in place… Yeah, we know the drill but when you make a mistake, this seat is there to make it up for you.
Been working with the folks at Kriega for years and very well know that if thinking about kitting your bike for long distance adventure there’s nothing better on the market. Their Enduro bags fit amazingly to the bike and even help maintaining the front suspension light ; ) Their Haul Loops will get you out of trouble fast.
Can´t leave the track without them.
Find this very suitable to delay arm pump… :)))

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