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When fear turns whole populations into sleepwalkers, outlaws don’t join forces with alarm clocks. Outlaws, like poets, rearrange the nightmare.” Tom Robins 

2020 was the year we thought we were going to get what we wanted and instead was the year we learned to appreciate what we had. 

A wink of an eye, the sizzle of a good meal with our loved ones, the freedom to breathe in the wild… Acts we should have never taken for granted, could be easily outlawed now. 

The original idea behind the THE END IS FEAR Instagram Design Contest – back in March 2020 – was to keep our wolfpack awake and vigilante while the world was going nuts with most of us under severe lockdown measures. 
We felt our obligation to use our voice and do the right thingThe plan was to get you drawing, sketching, thinking! Then you were to send us your designs and the winner exercise would be made into a real wolf product.

Overcoming fear always has change involved. Changing our lives, changing our minds, changing our actions and sometimes simply accepting and surrendering to what cannot and will not be. And that is tough.  Sometimes it is very rewarding.  Sometimes it breaks your heart.  Sometimes it changes the very core of who you are.  But it is something that had to happen, has to happen and will happen.

What wasn’t planned was the magnitude and radness of your response. Looking at the 200+ designs we’ve received, the wolves couldn’t otherwise but be grounded, humbled and impressed with the feelings, talent and good vibes coming from all over the globe. This is why we decided to make THE END IS FEAR into a whole collection with 13 pieces that we will drop on a weekly basis over the next 2 months. Our foremost outlaw collection. A collection designed by you! 
A beautiful reminder that when we stand together, we stand up to fear. 
Our most sincere wish is that our wolfpack continues to grow and keeps howling together for a free planet. 
A well deserved craving. 

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