El Solitario stands for the endless curiosity to bring people, places, and organizations together. At the center of this, it is that we’re always exploring new potential, pushing new limits and think in a completely different way to study, defend and pursue our freedom on two wheels.

This has converted El Solitario Ranch into a creative hub in the motorcycle world, where industry people continuously roam and call. We invite you to come and have a good time with us, becoming part of our lives and of our conversations. A subtle but powerful way to communicate, and the perfect ecosystem for ideas and opportunities to arise.

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    1. Suffice it to say Splinks … unless the Wolves contradict me … all bets are the only crimes being planned and committed are ;

      Crimes against – mediocrity – homogenization – Fascism ( neo – new European or otherwise ) – Anarcho Capitalism – pettiness – useless rules ( those that serve no purpose other than to serve those who create and enforce them ) – taking the well beaten path – the destruction of Craft – wasteful destruction of the environment .. etc … et al …

      Cause err … son … as has been stated many times … the Wolves ain’t criminals … they are outlaws ( as am I ) … and yes son … there is a difference

        1. A ) You haven’t got a clue who or what I am

          B) You’ve never broken a rule in your precious precocious little meaningless life

          But hey … any time y’all like to take this face to face Splinks … bring it on little one

  1. El Rancho Solitario ! Si mi amigos . Muy bueno !

    And that paella … where in the h- e double toothpicks do y’all get those monster langostinos ?

    Tell you what …. IF .. the wife and I finally ever make it out your way …. I’ll throw on a bit of my Italian heritage and whip y’all up my world famous ( no joke … it really is ) Shrimp Saffron Risotto . Y’all can pick the appropriate vino .

    Any whooo .. more photos por favor of El Rancho Solitario … and don’t be shy about … well …. you know .. wink wink


    1. Dear!
      you perfectly described the ranch’s rant & rambles.
      Those monsters are cigalas. They’re more similar to lobsters than langostino as they have very hard shell but 100 times more tasty and juicy than its bigger cousins.
      All the best amigos

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