KALE OR DEATH - El Solitario


We’ve had many of you asking the whats & whys of this T-Shirt and if KALE was referring to the plant. Yes it is and we are going to explain you why.

We combined the classic El Solitario axiom NOS VES Y SUFRES (You see us and you suffer) the timber rattlesnake, coiled and ready to strike, and the phrase KALE OR DEATH to make our point and get it through. All these symbols of independent fierce survivalism aiming at a good cause. Your fortune.

In an unpredictable future you shouldn’t rely your survival to governments or big business. And if you somehow do, you should at least have a plan B. Meat based diets, humans are hooked to, would be one of the first things to vanish – right after toilet paper – if the going takes a wrong turn. At this time a survival garden is what you need to survive. This garden should be carefully designed to provide enough nutrients and calories for your entire family to not only survive, but to thrive.

And one of the stars in this garden will be..? 


Our infamous cruciferous vegetable: The Kale!

So what are the wolves trying to tell you? Wake up, say good bye to toilet paper and clean your ass with kale. The world will be a better place.

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  1. Gotta tell ya all .. from the moment this pandemic thing hit the fan … the good wife and I put things into place so that should meat no longer be an option … we can go full hog ( sarcasm intended ) Veg Head … or if things truly become desperate … holy roller ( eeesh ) Vegan

    But that Kale stuff ? Gotta say amigos .. unless its stemmed and either sautéed or steamed .. I / we can’t stand the stuff ( here in the US the hard cores eat the stuff whole … and raw … blech … )

    Joke time ;

    What is a vegetarian called in Alaska ?

    An entree

    What does PETA really stand for ?

    People Eating Tasty Animals 😉

    What might end up being the ultimate joke ?

    All those meat eater only addicts starving to death … proving once and for all Survival of the Smartest is a very real thing

    1. … and yeah … about that DriveTribe schlock …. an opinions are like bung holes forum hosted by the Three Stooges … owned by W.CHUMP & Sons .

      Seriously son … start dealing in facts … though they may more often than you’d care to admit contradict what you chose to believe … once entered you’ll find the world of Facts to be helluva lot more interesting than the cesspool of digital excrement opinion

    2. …. err … so what yer tryin ta tell us Bunky is … you know even less about Colorado than you do MotoGP , Dakar , 1%ers , Sales & Marketing etc etc … et al .. ad nauseam .

      Suffice it to say … all bets are you’ll be learning the reality of ‘ Survival of the Smartest ‘ … the hard way .. which is kind of unfortunate .. but then again … maybe not 😉

  2. Relax brother. It was just a random photo. I was actually trying to find one of Bautista but that one was too good. I don’t know what drivetribe promotes.

    There are fish in the ocean that taste good. Drive to the coast and give it a go sometime. You can eat your carrots. I’ll be ok where I am.

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