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Who hasn’t succumbed to the radness of TAMIYA© Model Kits? For the wolves this awesome Japanese brand was the genesis of our deep love and understanding of all motorized artifacts and the fire starter of our wildest dreams.

Whether building models of WWII bombers or an 80’s muscle bike, scale model building always provided a unique opportunity to dive into the history of the vehicle you were building and to know everything about its mechanical insides whatever your age. With experience came skill, but at the start, organization and focus to follow the instructions, were always the key. With no right or wrong ways to build a model, it’s all up to your personal preference and what you hope to get out it. But dreams always accompany as you embrace the machine! 

Because of our love and respect for the TAMIYA© brand and the good times its given to our families we wanted to make this lil’ homage to the japanese brand, envisioning what it would look like if they made a 1/12 scale model kit of our dearest wolf El Solitario Petardo.

While El Sol built many explicitly “nya-nya” bikes before the “Petardo” (2014), this machine marked a turning point as their first to ignore the worldwide conversation on Alt.Customs and strike off into the woods. “Petardo” (“firecracker” in Spanish) is the least recognizable Ducati ever built; that it was based on a 1994 900SS is completely irrelevant, although the slim L-twin motor and trellis chassis provided a suitably narrow platform around which to build a concept motorcycle. Rather than take the usual path for a pared-down and hungry café racer, the “Petardo” is a celebration of complexity, revealed function, and vulnerability. It’s a reaction against minimalism, a bike essentially turned inside-out to reveal its vital organs. “We wanted to embrace the veins and arteries that move the body!”

Paul D’Orleans for the Custom Revolution Exhibition at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles

If you want this model to actually become a reality as much as we do, POST THIS PHOTO ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA tagging @tamiya and using the hashtag: #PleaseTamiyaMakeItHappen. 

Who knows maybe we’re lucky and our dreams become true!@#


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    1. Here’s two more to add to your blog … well … make it three … nahh … four

      Max Hazan’s KNTT1200

      The Moto Retro built 21st century Vincent Black Shadow featured today on Silodrome

      ANY bike from Shinya’ Kimura’s pre cafe racer years

      Anything by Chica Nagata .

      And of course … take yer pick from the Wolves portfolio . My first thought being a ‘ Desert Wolf ‘

      1. Well heck … since Sparky forced me out of hiding … a couple more suggestions … one a classic … the other … a custom

        Crocker ” big tank ” Make it and I’ll buy two … one to be built stock .. the other a custom based on Jeff Decker’s Crocker bobber

        And … one from the past all too ignored that should be at the forefront of custom bikes

        Kenny Howard’s ( aka Von Dutch) XAVW

      2. Well heck … since Sparky forced me out of hiding … a couple more suggestions … one a classic … the other … a custom

        Crocker ” big tank ” Make it and I’ll buy two … one to be built stock .. the other a custom based on Jeff Decker’s Crocker bobber

        And … one from the past all too ignored that should be at the forefront of custom bikes

        Kenny Howard’s ( aka Von Dutch) XAVW


        Gotta tell ya … revisiting the XAVW has me on a potential path … a BMVW … hmmmm

  1. Ahhh …mi amigos . My heart just about jumped out of my chest when I first opened this … thinking the model was already a done deal … and that damn it … I was gonna have to start building models again ( haven’t built a model for going on two decades )

    Tamiya . My first was back in 1975 … their 1/12 Nikki Lauda Ferrari 312B F1 car . From that point on almost every other model company felt … weak in comparison . A small sampling of what I’ve built ? Recognizing that other than the F! cars every one has been ‘ kit bashed ‘ ( US idiom for someone who takes pieces from different kits to build their custom dream … and yes … I ‘ kit bash ‘ my music as well ) ;

    FIAT Abarth 131 rally car ( turned ‘ street ‘ complete with tricolore paint scheme )

    Kremer Porsche K3 turned ‘ street ‘ with a very custom candy apple blue over silver and gold with black ‘ ghost ‘ flames .. adding on a fully detailed drive train and suspension … much fo which had to be custom built

    Bimota Tesi turned ‘ Vyrus ‘

    Ducati 916 turned ‘ naked ‘ cafe racer

    BMW RGS100 PD turned … well … that’ll have to wait till later 😉

    etc etc etc et al … holy cow !

    So though ” I don do no stinkin social media ” .. Let’s get Tamiya to grow a pair and make this idea come true . And sign me up for the first batch if they do

    Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( despite the bodies all around us ) and do please Carry On … my wayward sons


  2. Reviewing Tamiya’s past models … and looking at the practicalities of making El Petardo 1/12th into reality . In all honesty . It wouldn’t be much effort . Assuming T keeps all its past molds … 90% of what’s needed to create a Petardo 1/12 is already there … sitting in a warehouse .. just waiting to be dusted off and re- formulated into this ‘ dream ‘ kit … making a whole lot of us out here very happy little GearHeads … not to mention reintroducing a whole host of us back into the scale model fold … while introducing multiple generations raised on ephemeral digital to the joys of scale model building

    In other words ( this is aimed at Tamiya ) … there is a business model to justify this … not to mention a whole lot of new revenue to be made

      1. But only the real bikers would buy one. So maybe they would sell one to me and a couple of others. Not much profit in that unfortunately..

        All the other sheeple would be buying models of SOA and the motogp fairies.

        1. No Sparky … lets agree you don’t know WTF you’re talking about … as well as your having no clue how to C&P a valid link … from a RELIABLE website … which FYI DriveTribe is not

        2. FYI Sparky …. Drop it already . SoA is done and dusted ( at least here in the US ) …. relegated to the TV trash heap of history …for all practical purposes gone … forever . e.g. Nobody … at least here in the US …. gives a fig anymore . Including the diehard fans … especially after the producers / network tried to shove that follow up series ” Mayans MC ” … which almost made SoA look good … down everyone’s throats

          In other words …. aint nobody buyin nuthin SoA these days

          As for MotoGP … I may not care much for it myself … but the FACT is they’re anything but fairies . Suffice it to say you ( or I ) wouldn’t survive a lap on a MotoGP bike if your life depended on .

          Fact is … if you tried … you’d meet the Sausage Creature face first … finding out the very hard way what the ‘ edge ‘ really looks like … cause you’d fall off it …. and cease to exist

        3. Seriously Sparky . Yer kidding . Right ? Sheesh …. here we goes again ….being forced back into the role of ” Teacher ”

          Errr … son … guaranteed if Tamiya did this …. along with every serious bike enthusiast out there …. every goram Hipster , Wanna Be Hipster , Suburban Urban Wanna Be Hipster … along with every kid with so much as an inkling towards getting into bikes ..along with a whole host of Tamiya Addicts … of which there are many ..

          .. would be all over this thing like flies on honey .

          Damn … with all this teaching and edifying I’ve been forced into maybe I should revert to my other common nickname and go by ” The Vicar ”

          Any thoughts Wolves ?


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