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Lame community design, such as poorly planned, low-density, auto-dependent development, makes it more difficult for people to get physical activity and maintain a healthy weight. There is a clear correlation between urban sprawl and the epidemic levels of obesity and increase of chronic diseases associated with physical inactivity. A global study compared the each country sprawl index to the health characteristics of more than 200,000 individuals living in the 48 counties and found that people living in countries marked by sprawling development are likely to walk and bike less, weigh more, drive more, have a higher body mass index (BMI) and suffer more from hypertension (i.e. high blood pressure), respiratory ailments and cancer than people who live in less sprawling countries.

Because of this our world needs, now more than ever, urban optimists like photographer Polo Garat and his S.I.O.U.D.S. The Squad of Interactive Optimization of Urban Spatial Dynamics will study the neighborhood’s history, topography and attitude to evaluate the best way to make their own fun! And guess what? You’re invited!

Polo Garat website: https://www.pologarat.com

Read more on https://www.everythingconnects.org/urban-sprawl.html

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  1. Nice collection .

    Love the hard to kill T ( trust me … I can relate all too well )

    But … the reality is I DO care how they do it in Japan . Why ? Because its the only advanced culture in the world that while chasing the technology like there is no tomorrow …. they treasure , maintain and even subsidize their traditional crafts … while also making room to bring tradition into the 21st century .

    So would I own a Japanese car , M/C or even an audiophile system ? Hell no . As the director of Sony once said when I asked why he had ZERO Japanese components in his system ..

    ” Japan makes appliances … Europe and the US Audiophile makers build ART ”

    But would I own a craftsperson made item from Japan .. such as clothing .. pottery ware … knives etc ? Damn right I would … and do .

    And when it comes to custom M/C’s … Shinya Kimura and ( damn .. can’t remember his name ) the Japanese ex-pat living in CH who’s bikes are …. beyond perfection ( no insult intended )

    P.S . I’ll track down that name if it … well …. never mind … I’ll find it

    Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( despite it all ) and do Carry On

    … and errr … to our Antipodean site mate … FIRST … and best no doubt 😎

    1. Hey .. wait a minute … there I is in all my resurrected from the digital void glory .

      Sigh …. digital …. WTF know what makes it tick half the time !!!!

    1. … and why was I blipped / censored into the digital void after posting a rather lengthy comment on the cool duds and why Japan does matter ?

      Hmmmm … know what you get when you cross a hippopotamus with an elephant and a rhino ?

      A HellIfIKnow ! 😉

      1. Hey gringos! It wasn’t us who censored you?!?!?!?! WTF!@#$% Stupid wordpress self monitoring itself. Regarding the Japan T its just an irony as we do really care how they do it in Japan as they’re so good in so man levels. also its a re interpretation os an old buell T-Shirt

        1. Hey mi amigos .. I honestly never assumed it was y’all …. assuming from the get go its just another round of over zealous digital bots incapable of making rational or reasonable decisions . Either that … or … maybe I entered my email address wrong and that set the little virtual fools into a frenzy tossing me in the ” To Be Moderated ” digital void ?


          But suffice it to say … we’re good amigos … and trust me … if for a moment I had assumed it was y’all … I’d of confronted you directly … rather than carping about it in this public space

          Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( despite all the bs ) – Carry On ( my wayward sons ) … and do … please read the book

          ” Surveillance Capitalism ” .. by Shoshana Zubhoof …. cause it aint no conspiracy theory … just the hard core facts from one of the originators of the internet … now turned ‘ Brown Coat ‘ ( re; ” Firefly ” ) And mu amigos … its only gonna get worse as this pandemic opens the doors to fascism … something I know y’all know all too well due to your decades of Franco’s reign of terror

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