Waited for this film to come out since Paul D’Orleans gave us the pitch a few years back. Must admit the outcome showed our deepest concerns could be way closer than we’ve ever dreamt of.

Motorcycles have become a major impediment to the safety of the system. The small size and unpredictable nature of motorcycles and the inherent anti-establishment attitude of most owners makes the absolute elimination of motorcycles critical to our mission”  The Last Motorcycle on Earth

The clock is ticking toward an outright ban on gasoline, motorcycles and eventually all human-driven transportation. A vintage motorcycle collector and bike builder, grapples with a new world of technology that threatens to destroy his passion and way of life. Autonomous vehicles are on the rise after the US Supreme Court decides that the Constitution does not guarantee citizens the right to own private, petroleum-powered vehicles.

A NOTE FROM WRITER/DIRECTOR ERIC RISTAU: Our current youth culture is largely focused on virtual experiences rather than the tangible, physical stuff past generations were drawn to– in this case, motorcycles, cars and expression of personal freedom through travel. More young people than ever are deciding against getting a driver’s license and interest in ownership of vehicles by that group is at an all-time low. It is said that the last person to receive a driver’s license has already been born

The wolves have known motorcycles have no future for over a decade but we also know we will resist till the end fearless. Watch the full movie and picture yourself when the time has come for the genocide.

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  1. 1) This film is a direct ripoff of the storyline / plot in Richard Foster’s short story for R&T Nov. 1973 titled ; ” A Nice Morning Drive ” . Which was also the influence for Neal Peart of Rush’s ” Red Barchetta ” … with Peart unlike the film makers giving full credit

    2) Though originally written for the Typewriter Revolution … this manifesto fits the El Solitairio zeitgeist to a tee ( when I’ve got more time I’ll type in out for those unwilling to open the link )

    Analogue Rules … a statement as well as the rules to be followed if privacy etc are one’s genuine goals

    Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( despite it all ) and do please Carry On ( my wayward sons ) 😎

  2. Hell .. I got some extra time … the manifesto ;

    We assert our right to RESIST the paradigm

    to REBEL against the information regime

    to escape the date stream

    We strike a blow for self reliance – privacy – and coherence – against dependency , surveillance and disintegration

    We affirm the written word – and written thought AGAINST Multimedia – Multitasking – and the Meme

    We chose the REAL over representation
    the physical over the digital
    the durable over the unsustainable
    the self sufficient over the efficient

    THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TYPEWRITTEN ( and in our case … ridden )

    Amen …

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