It’s a story about a man falling from a building. At every floor he repeats to himself: « so far so good ! »But the most important thing is not the fall but the landing ! I grew up in a disadvantaged district but my parent moved to a better place. It’s where l found motorcycle. There was a forest close and l used to take my motorcycle after school everyday. After many years of riding world and French championship l wanted to go back to my roots! I have been riding all around the world for many year with the best partners and my friend, the movie director Fabien Didelot. I still wanted to make a ride in my neighborhood of birth. This movie called « La peine » means l feel sorry for those who don’t get chance to move out from there!


 Pictures by loic Benoit

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me the things a truly talented rider can accomplish on a Trials Bike . Fact is I learned my big boy skills ( transitioning from MiniBike to M/C ) riding a Trials bike back in the day ( trust me I was never this good ) Those skills I learned saved my posterior more than once from the gaping jaws of ” The Sausage Creature ” .. both on road … and off .

    As for the text/story line … damn that’s depressing . Maybe the true meaning has been ” Lost in Translation ” .. cause the video is anything but depressing

    Nice one Wolves . Molto Grazie for posting it . Y’all made my afternoon .

    Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( despite it all ) – Carry On … and what ever you do … DO NOT drink the worldwide Corporate Oligarchy ( and the American Evangelical ) Koolade .. 😎

    1. Yeah … well son … the difference is ;

      1) The above video is REAL .. whereas the Bond movie fluff is ALL CGI ( computer graphic imagery ) since 90’s .. plain and simple .

      2) What little is ‘ real ‘ in Bond movies ( couple of shots of a rider on the bike as well as using the ‘ rider ‘ to create CGI reference points ) was performed by a stuntman … not Daniel Craig

      In other words … tis a case of the REAL [ this video ] versus the Virtual [ Bond stunts .. and 99.999% of all movie stunts over the last two decades ] .. e.g. .. there is no comparison

      Sheesh son … yer really beginning to wear on me .. especially since I thought I’d retired as a teacher .

        1. Seriously Fieldsy ? Suffice it to say … neither has ever so much as attempted to do their own stunts … nor would the studios who own them or the insurance companies that insure them ever allow them to attempt it .

          Suffice it to say … once again … you’re yet another in the long line of victims / suckers falling for YouSteal bs .

          Hmmm … you’d probably vote for True pas well if you were a Yank !

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