Beginning in January 2021, Lucassen will ride his modified 2001 Yamaha YZF-R1, from Anchorage, Alaska to the geographic North Pole. The 3,000-mile journey includes hundreds of miles over sea ice, which means he has to go at the coldest time of the year in order for the ice to remain frozen. Due to the extreme conditions, the trip will require three winter seasons and over two years to complete.

How to get the insane idea to take a bike and ride to the north pole! Marcus Kingma created a great movie that explained very well how it all started in 1992 until where we are right now!


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  1. Damn mi amigos . I was beginning to worry . Normally when y’all post nothing new for awhile I assume you’re either building something or on one adventure or another . But in these scary times … especially in light of Spain’s numbers .. I was getting concerned .

    But here you are … two posts in a week .. so I’ll assume all is well . As for me and mine … to quote the Bard ( Micheal Stipe )

    ” Its the end of the world as we know it … and I feel fine ”

    Stay safe … more importantly … stay healthy … and ;

    Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( despite the mess we’re in and the fools running the show ) and damnit … do please .. Carry On … my wayward sons Keeping the ” Sausage Creature ” at bay while yer at it ..

    PS; As for this post .. two thumbs up . What a day ! BMW finally announces the details on the new R18 … Vyrus releases the Aleyn … and now this … Decisions , decisions .. assuming there is a decision to be made once all is said and done ( the cynic in me rising to the surface )

    .. till next time … Ciao … 😎

  2. FYI;

    US of A update ;

    In conjunction with your political statement on the Home Page [ ” to our dearest wolves …. etc … ” ] Its looking more and more by the day that Wall Street runs this country all too willing to sacrifice human lives in the blind pursuit of the almighty dollar … not a government by the people and for the people as we rapidly become a Plutocracy putting all remnants of our once Democratic Republic aside

    e.g. We’re f*cked

    Sie Gusen Wolves …. ( stay healthy )

      1. Just to be clear mate … my concern is not for our survival … but what that survival may look like if the present powers that be … hell bent on a new Fascism and totalitarian rule …. get their way because of the current pandemic

        Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( despite all the bs ) and do Carry On … albeit with a bit more maturity and common sense

        Happy Oestre ( look it up ) .. and Sie Gesund .. ( stay healthy )

  3. We, the real outlaws, do not concern ourselves with the powers that be (whether fascist and totalitarian rulers or passive incompetents) because we are outside the law. I couldn’t care less who rules over you guitarslinger. They do not rule me so I don’t get my panties bunched up over it. You spout outlaw quotations but you are definitely not a real outlaw.

    Peace and thanks for your respect.

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