NO MUSIC NO LIFE - El Solitario


El Solitario wolves been slowly cooking this incredible  playlist, (10 fucking years!@#), and wanted to share it with you in these volatile times.

Almost 600 HOURS of wild, genre bending, rugged, thrilling, often beautiful and some times scary, but always rad sound. 
We know our music might not be for everyone, but those that love to experiment and let their imagination run wild will appreciate it.

Press shuffle and let go!

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  1. If’n y’all would like a curated playlist from moi … which would be a bit more edgy authentic ( as in not autotuned , over arranged or over synthesized ) as well as diverse ( from Adams [ as in John Adams the composer ] to Zappa … and all places in between ) … hit me up on email … I’d be glad to

    Rock On – Ride On – Listen On – Remain Calm ( anything else makes you more susceptible ) … and do Carry On … my wayward sons

    PS; As a quick offering .. this just showed up from the ‘ Cosmic Chameleon ( Dylan ) this week

    Yeah … its long … and a bot heavy … but damn if it don’t fit the times


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