The 1st edition of El Solitario Design Race on our Instagram has been rad fun and somehow caught us by surprise. Looking at the 60+ designs we’ve received, the wolves can’t otherwise but be humble and impressed with the talent and good vibes coming from Tokyo to Dubai or Mexico DF. These last 6 weeks have been really inspiring, watching daily you guys having fun with our templates and sketching your phantasies on paper or your computer screens. The results are amazing and raw as f*ck and sure will be a great fountain of inspiration for us. Seriously we can’t thank you enough.

But this is a competition and although the decision process has proved to be heartbreaking and f*cking difficult only 1 design could be the winner and subsequently manufactured by the wolves at no cost. But there is also a golden nugget for the 2nd and 3rd place, as these will subsequently get 50% & 30% off the listing price of our bespoke leathers if they wish us to fabricate their designs.

1st Prize: EIN883 for Buddy Custom Cycles (Tokyo)

If you’d seen Kaz racing flat track any of you would understand that his speed & style on the track would already be reason enough to make us want to give him the 1st prize, but even more rad is his buddy’s – Takashi Urashima – design! So wild and coherent at the same time, his wolf leathers made us jump on our seats and feel the urge to get some scissors and start cutting molds to make this design a reality. Well done team!@#


2nd Prize: Leftie (London)

James Smith,  our favorite half English half Spanish sketchy hooligan, fiercely attacked this competition since day 1. After sending us half a dozen designs of increasing creativity each one of them, he finally stopped after realizing that he didn’t want to engage in a competition with himself, deciding that his first bet was the safest and best executed one. Exactly for this understated cool we’ve chosen this design for our 2nd prize. Modifications over the original design are subtle but classy and we really want to see this combo ruling in the UK’s DTRA on Hooligan and Vintage class with Leftie at the helm.



3rd Prize: Siayakayakia (Milano)

For the 3rd Prize we’ve chosen our dearest homie and artist Lorenzo Cavolini. Lorenzo’s influence in the world of El Solitario has been paramount and has materialized in many cool products, graphics and ideas that we’ve all loved. Lorenzo’s avant-garde – take no prisoners – approach to the world of decorative arts and their application to fashion is clearly present in his proposal and we’ve chosen it for this. The impulse of our heritage inspired leathers into the future through the use of 3M reflective materials on the surface took us by surprise and made us eager to study the feasibility of its application. Well done mate!



You can admire the richness of all the entrants below and visit the designer’s profiles on Instagram typing their name if you want to explore more about their universes.


*To all the entrants, the wolves send you interstellar hugs and wish for your radness and positive vibes to keep enlightening us.  You make our world go round.

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  1. That’s cool !!!
    I feel like you’ve been thinking a lot.
    All the ideas are actually produced and running together would be wonderful.

    Thanks to you, I could imagine interesting things in Korea.

    Wonderful Wolves

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