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Some days, even if your life is rad, sometimes suck. How cool it would be to have a huge control panel, full of awesome solidly built Knobs and keys to control & modulate life? Knobs with incredibly weighted rotation and after a lovely slight click to it, which would not deter from its smoothness, you could bring back the sun, tele transport yourself to a hidden place with some bikes and some of your favorite chicks making a barbecue. Sounds good. Then, still miserable at your desk, you dribble and goggle to find this. A tumbler entirely dedicated to control panels!@#$ WTF! 🐺🖤⚡️ There is even a another one dedicated to the feel of a knob…  

At El Solitario we have dedicated a life worth of work and obsession sinking into the study of these tech-sensual disciplines, so really appreciate to find that we are not alone in the quest to search for the perfect feel and click.


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  1. ” Sometimes you’re the windshield , sometimes you’re the bug ” ( Mary Chapin Carpenter ” ) so regardless of how many buttons , knobs , dials and icons you’ve got internally or externally we all live daily in ” The Wisdom of Insecurity ” ( Alan Watts ) whether we like it or not . The only question is … are you willing to accept that wisdom and be content ? Or like a fool will you continually in abject futility try to control that which is beyond your abilities and comprehension leading to a lifetime of utter frustration ?

    Cause lets be blunt mi amigos … its insecurity ( and the lack of a ‘ control panel ‘ ) that makes life the adventure than it is .. two legs .. two wheels or four

    Rock On – Ride On – Remain Calm ( despite all the bs ) and do Carry On … when in doubt …. Phi Beta Zappa ( freak yer Greek baby ) .. have a happy holidays ( despite the hypocrisy ) … and may 2019 be a damn site better than 2018 was .. for all of us .

    gtrslngr ( Thom ) 😎

    1. PS; Some holiday book recommends I’ve recently run across or reread ; ” Revenge of Analog ” David Sax – ” Station Eleven ” Emily St John Mandel – ” At the End of an Age ” John Lukacs ( heavy stuff but worth the effort ) – ” Wisdom of Insecurity ” Alan Watts – ” Hippie ” Paulo Coelho – ” Stories I Tell Myself ” Juan F. Thompson ( HST’s son ) – if it made it your way in its short publishing lifespan ” Big Sid’s Vincati ” Matthew Biberman … and if your in a mood for a major undertaking well worth the extensive time and effort it’ll demand ” Anniversaries ” Uwe Johnson ( all 1700 pages of it )

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