82-year-­old Masafumi Nagasaki was the sole resident of a tropical island located at the southern tip of Okinawa, Japan. He would rather obey the demands of nature than of another person, which is what led him to escape civilization and live on Sotobanari Island. Vice went to find out exactly what kind of lifestyle he was leading, and why he had choosen not to wear clothes and not eat fish or meat despite the limited food choices he had.

“It hadn’t really occurred to me before how important it is to choose the place of your death, like whether it’s in a hospital or at home with family by your side. But to die here, surrounded by nature – you just can’t beat it, can you?”

Sadly, last May the Japanese authorities captured and forced Nagasaki, (Too weak to fight back), to go to a hospital and a government owned house with no hope of returning to his island. Shame on the authorities .


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  1. When you look at the beauty Nagasaki was surrounded with , see what incredible shape he was in for a man his age , look at his incredible ability to sustain himself with little or no outside help , listen to how cognitive and aware he is ( again for a man his age ) and then compare it to the vapidly , inane and meaningless existence exemplified by the interviewer from the ‘ so called ‘ connected world that is in fact anything but connected that we live in … all you can say is .. the man had the right idea .. and most of us look like a bunch of goram fools in comparison

    .. so shame on the Japanese government…. and ten thousand or more shames upon the souls of those who participated in Nagasaki’s capture and confinement . Assuming them to be of Buddhist leanings may they all come back in their next life and a hundred lives after that damned to an existence of eternal slavery . But then again … maybe that’s the life they’re already living and are just too stupid to realize it

    Honestly what harm was Nagasaki doing to anyone … including himself ?

    Answer ; None !

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