WHEELS & WAVES 2017: ART RIDE - El Solitario


On Thursday of Wheels and Waves we ride to Casa Ciriza in Pasaia to celebrate the start of the festival surrounded by some of the best bikes on the planet, surfing legends all around and walls covered in art.

This year, El Solitario had prepared an unprecedented live act around the world premiere of El Solitario Desert Wolves. A crossbreed between a Wild Animal Circus & Mad Max’s Thunder Dome, this groundbreaking act pushed things further, and maybe pointing that the classic static  way of displaying motorcycles might just be starting to show symptoms of exhaustion

Watch the clip below and you will know what we are talking about:

It was the first public appearance of the E.S. Desert Wolves, straight out of the African Sahara, after they survived a 4.000 kilometer exploit across one of the world’s toughest terrains with just a few minor scars

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-20178

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-20172

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201725

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-20176

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201721

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201727

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201716

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201711

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201720

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-20174

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201719

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201718

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201715

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201714

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201726

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201710

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-20175

el-solitario-ART RIDE-WHEELS-AND-WAVES-201722


El Solitario Desert Wolves Exhibition was presented by Harley-Davidson & The Dyneema Project

Photography by KT Fender

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