It is only natural that El Solitario and The Concrete Co. collaborated in the creation of a unique garment.

At El Solitario we live our lives and our work in such a passionate way that we hardly see the boundaries between the two, like Fernando Garcia de la Calera (founding tailor of The Concrete Company) we all live a Lifestyle associated with our work.


Fernando is known for being an atypical tailor, bringing the fabrics normally associated with workwear to the traditional artisan technique of tailoring, creating elegant, comfortable and durable pieces, Since the first time we met him, I could see the fire in the back of his eyes, acknowledging in a brisk that he was a perfectionist. We both knew that we wanted to work together so it was just a matter of time that the “Never Work” jacket happened.


In an interview with Fernando, he confessed the rationale and specifics behind this collaboration:

“We have been building our own path, without guides, flowing on passion and intuition, as well as wanting to do something unique, proper and of great quality. David is a self-taught motorcycle designer and a spunk guy who does not stop, his motorcycles are admired from Japan to the United States for his unique and transgressive designs”


“When David wanted an elegant jacket, he told me about those days when motorcycles were only for a chosen few and were regarded as a luxury possession. It was the 20s & 30s with those elongated bikes, like the Brough Superior that T.E. Lawrence rode. So I started working on a prototype starting from a 14-ounce denim fabric of indigo pinstripe. A fabric bundle that I found in an old warehouse in Madrid and that was woven in Basque Country (Mondragón) in the 70’s. Limiting the stockage of the garment to the meters of the fabric.”

“After several adjustments to adapt it to the style that El Solitario wants to transmit and given its functionality when used on a motorcycle, the jacket “Never Work” was born with a limited stock of 25 units all handmade by myself.”

You can buy it online at our online store , and at The Concrete’s Pop Up at the well-known luxury store Santa Eulalia on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona (March 8 to April 4).

Watch Fernando hands on the making of the jacket:

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