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In our endless crusade to experiment with new concepts and ideas, this time we have cooked a limited edition of one-of-a-kind Boro inspired Panhead blue jeans. Boro, is a term from early Japan and means something tattered or repaired. Boro textiles represent essential principles of traditional Japanese ethics and aesthetics such as the favoring of the sober and modest or shibui; the acceptance of transience and imperfection or wabi-sabi; and, of course, regret about any waste, or mottainai.
Wrecked and abused till exhaustion, we repaired these special Panheads, using rare and antique Japanese fabrics, ranging from circa 1850’s~1930’s, we have been collecting over the years in our different trips to Japan. Combining Katazome and Shibori scraps, with Sashiko sewing techniques, we’ve embossed a creative and individual flare to each garment, showing us the value of time and care, not money.

Each El Solitario® Boro pair of jeans is by definition absolutely unique, made by hand in our studio, and should be valued as highly collectable wearable art.

Soundtrack : Apenino & Arbore
Edit: Pio Cribeiro
Special thanks to Aroa. You’re an angel!

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