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LA COPITA: Indian Races at the Punk’s Peak

Wheels and Waves and El Solitario present La Copita! Rebellious, reckless and fun, we will build 16 Indian racers to fight at the Punk’s Peak. Only 1 rule will lead the tribe: 50cc multicolored FUN!@#

Note: In Spanish “Hacer el Indio”, (To play the Indian), means to mess around and/or have a great time


Years ago, in Wheels & Waves II, we all rode to a secret landing strip on top of the Pyrenees and we raced our bikes. Where else could you see a Honda 125 winning the drag to a crazy sideways V-Max? Those there, realized that the Southsiders took a big chance but this time luck was on our side. A tiny road guarded by barb wire, was transformed into a bona fide drag strip, witnessing a pure and epic moment of motorcycle freedom, as close and riotous to road tragedy as you can get without getting burned. Just magic!

Then, with the thousands of spectators, arrived the first real dragster in the scene, the famous Lucky Cat Sprint Beemer.  Seb Lorentz built the iconic full faired blast and rules the class. Seb is a very inspiring man and realized the potential drag racing had. A world of speed nerds, yet with no place for aesthetics, was ready to be revolutionized. More dragsters followed the path and some of the coolest shops around Europe picked up the call. The show was so good that now Seb is leading a Euro-Cool-Drag-Racing-League under the name The Sultans of Sprint. But this is an story we will tell in the next post.

El Solitario caught the bait too, and raced victoriously with E.S. BBW in Glemseck last year. Winning that race was as unbelievable then as it is now and made us comprehend better who we are. We are not mechanics nor engineers. We are motorcycle poets, riders, tramps and wanderers. Building a very fast drag bike takes insane amounts of time and resources and then its all decided in roughly 2 or 3 seconds on the track. Even though we had won, all we could think of was: What if we had lost? We realized we prefer to employ ourselves more into other kinds of racing that involve more fun and/or riding time.  But what were we going to do in Punk’s peak? Brains started boiling…

La Copita (Spanish for the little cup) was born! Rebellious, reckless and fun, we would build 16 silly racer machines to fight at the Punk’s Peak in Wheels and Waves. Only 1 rule was going to lead the pack: 50cc multicolored FUN! The Southsiders loved it too so the little cheeky race took off. The wolves immediately jumped on the phone encouraging our  adrenaline junky friends to break out their toolboxes and build outrageous 50cc-powered vehicles designed to thrill the mass and make the bigger badder Grizzly Bears in the other classes look like a waste of time! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOO

alberto-garcia-alix-comepitos-la-copita-el-solitarioAlberto Garcia-Alix (E) – CRO “La Comepitos” – Derbi Tricampeona

la-copita-el-solitario-herman-headHermann Koepf (D) – “Herman The German” – HONDA CB50

la-copita-el-solitario-ell-silverELL Silver (IT) – “Little Wolf” – MOTO BIMM P4T

la-copita-el-solitario-carlo-masaCarlo (IT) – “Masa” – HONDA MONKEY 50

la-copita-el-solitario-blitz-motorcyclesBlitz Motorcycles (FR) – “Shelby” – HONDA DAX 50

cro-la-copita-el-solitarioCRO (E) – “Crohete” – PUCH Custom

valtoron-La-Guindilla-copita-el-solitarioValtoron (E) – La Guindilla – Minarelli Custom


Arne Toonen (NL) – HONDA CB50 – “The Bleeder”

la-copita-el-solitario-young-gunsYoung Guns Speed Shop (CH) – They sent this pic in but don’t trust these guys as this looks like a trap – “Sr Cangrejo Puto”

la-copita-el-solitario-russell-mecanicaRussell Mecanica (E) – “Russell Drag” – Minarelli Custom

la-copita-el-solitario-quickstlyRialto Garage x Team Desolate (D) – “Quickstly” – NSU Quickly

la-copita-el-solitario-plan-bPlan B Motorcycles (IT) – “Tatanka Ptecila” – Custom

la-copita-el-solitario-pau-speedshopPau’s Speed Shop (E) – “Pau” – Vespa 50

la-copita-el-solitario-la-urbanaLa Urbana Bike (E) – “5 Special” – YAMAHA RD50

la-copita-el-solitario-la-coronaLa Corona Motorcycles (E) – “Hendrix” – Derbi/Honda Cub Custom

la-copita-el-solitario-la-colita-classic-coClassic Co. (E) – “La Colita” – SEELEY/Minarelli Custom

Stay tuned on this and the Wheels & Waves communication bureaus for more news about La Copita and other crazy initiatives to kill time with style in Wheels & Waves




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  1. Moped Marauders now invade W&W’s ! I love it ! When we lived in KCMO USA Moped Marauders .. [ my somewhat ironic and sarcastic in a very complimentary way designation due to the ‘ outlaw ‘ aesthetic being applied pretty benign vehicle ].. were in the process of taking over the streets of Kansas City [ MO ] until for some reason the spark faded . So two thumbs up for your fanning the flames … and hows a bout a ‘ Moped Marauder ‘ T-Shirt ? I’m more than willing to hand/sign over the moniker for y’alls use .. gratis of course .. though I wouldn’t mind a trade of some sort . 😉

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