Making of a Rascal Leather Pant - El Solitario

Making of a Rascal Leather Pant

El Solitario is aware that one of its biggest assets is the friends and family that help us on our daily struggle to push our small voice in this ubiqutous world. We always wanted to document the beauty and simplicity of the process of making a pair of El Solitario Rascal Leather Pants, so we called Kristina Fender and Ivan Ferreiro and this beautiful film with celestial sounds is the result.

El Solitario wants to spread the word on some values we believe are worth shouting loud. We, the makers, are tired of conventionalism, corporation bullying and people trying to tell us we can’t do it. We, the makers, believe in people that want to create things, made to last, with their own hands. We, the makers, believe that changes happen when humans with the same interests gather freely to think, therefore, we only pretend to shed another light on this global phenomenon that is taking place at your backyard, where non-sustainable systems systematically destroy sustainable ones, where short term profit has the power to overwhelm common sense and where progress is not progress but a constant destruction of an environment we will never be able to replace.






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