W A R - El Solitario


Some might find this release anachronistic, but for ESMC this film constitutes a milestone and we can’t but celebrate. Countless tough decisions, bruised prides and forgotten regrets set it above the rest. It was 18 months ago, when we engaged in the realization of our most ambitious visual adventure. Best hopes were in place but thy justice is not for the novice. Three cameras, in hands of good spirited cubs, frantically lost in a mare magnum of drunks and freaks. Little survival chance our crew had, if not steered by the whip of the always immaculate but merciless “Peliqueiros”. Said to be the oldest documented carnival on the planet, “O Entroido de Laza” with os “Peliqueiros” at the helm is one of the wildest, darkest and most beautiful ceremonies we ever had the chance to watch. The “Peliqueiro”, totem and tabu of the Lazan Carnival, pushes the villagers with their runs and whips to an ancestral catharsis worth fighting for. It is said that by such, they open a bridge between our world and the next, incarnating the dead they purify the pagans, becoming sacred, untouchables! They are the real stars of this piece and they behaved as such from start to end. 18 months took us to be able to release something we could live with. Endless nights, and not few fights, trying to organize hours of powerful as fuck, beyond the fantastic, all screwed up footage.
Only one minute eighteen seconds survived the burn, blood and tears, but time is just a futile human preconception as this was more than enough for, devil extraordinaire, Ivan Ferreiro to send us all straight to the gates of hell with his magical musical mischief.
To them, and to those that gave us their precious time we shout fist in the air: – Let there be the light!@#$ –


Direction – Roto Day

Edit – Tamara Torres

Music – Ivan Ferreiro & Nicolas Pastoriza

Sound – Eloy Taboas

Camera – Ivan Lopez & Aurelio Alonso

Graphic – Ryan Quickfall

Equipment – Nikon Spain

Motorcycle – El Solitario Impostor

Special thanks:

A los Peliqueiros (Sois unos Putos Genios!@#), Mario Fornies, Marco Apenino, Carlos Ormazabal, Jose Luis Santalla, A Pita Cega, Ola Stenegard, Roland Stoker, Sylvain Berneron, Blur Producciones y al Ayuntamiento de Laza

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