As some of you might know, ESMC is immersed in the empowerment of a 2015 Yamaha XJR 1300 for the Yamaha Yard Built Program. Although personally, we’ve always been fond of four tinned Jap muscle, we had never attempted to transform one into an El Solitario creature. The huge monstrosity of its power plant doesn’t exactly fit the lines we are used to work with and definitely constitutes a challenge. The main idea underlying the awakening of an El Solitario motorcycle is always to discover the best possible scenario for the chosen platform. For this we need to draw its personality, and impose a system of logical traits and ambitions coherent with the desired outcome. In our instance, this process invariably starts with the nomenclature. Others give name to their creations after they start taking shape. We cannot work that way. For El Solitario, the trip starts after we find the perfect denominative that will define the rules and dimension of our sibling.

Our desire is to create machines that have so much character, they feel alive, needing to be tamed. Anthropomorphic instruments you must develop visceral relationships with in order not to kill you. Experience has taught us that this moto is sometimes easier said than done. This spanking new XJR has had us at stakes for a long time, as we succumbed searching for its big bang. Moving our shop didn’t help either. The search aimed to shed light over the motorcycle’s aspiration in an ideal world and is not always so easy, as the voices are not always loud. At first, the genesis of this project and the conditions surrounding our team suggested that we would build this bike under the name Higgs Boson, (the elementary particle), trying to set the foundation for a very simple layout, but the inconsistencies kept growing due to its nature & vocation. Finally we’ve decided to recall her Sumo opening a whole new deal. E. S. Sumo will be unique, modern & fast. Due to the nature of the Yard Built project and its desired result, we will also step out of our shoes and experiment with the most advanced materials, technologies and industrial processes, in order to obtain the best possible outcome out there, for such a powerful bike.

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