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No.4 Nos ves y sufres! (Impostor)

2014, (El Solitario’s No.4 year of existence), has constantly kept us on our nerves with the thrills of this new baby, we brought to life almost one lustrous ago. We started “No.4” at the cover of Riders & Sideburn magazines. We crossed all boundaries with our best proposal so far, Impostor. We were invited to the One Show & Verona’s Bike Expo. We survived another W&W, (althought couldn’t remember… ∑´®†¥). We rode Kimura’s Canyon. We designed and built some amazing garments, like the Vandal Overshirt & the Wolfskin Sweater. Filmed the death of a chicken in a motorcycle movie and electrified BMW executives randomly freaking out on their seats. We became known as the home of the World’s Most Hated Motorcycles. We birthed a Mako Shark with two seats, blinkers & mirrors!@# Along the GHP team, we took motorcycles to the red carpet on one of the world’s most important Film Festivals. Had to put new gaskets on the Panhead’s motor and a new clutch to keep on rocking.  Worked with Juan Rayos in a short bio about ESMC. We returned to Japan and made new friends and amped our brains. Last but not least, in No.4, we had the chance to work along our older brother & maestro Alberto Garcia-Alix, in the revenge & imaginarium of the motorcycle. A moving & distorted portrait of the lovely losers motorcyclists are. A project that it is still ongoing, but so far has found its way to an incredible exhibition at La Maison Europeenne de la Photographie! So who knows where it will take us…

To celebrate the arrival of No.5, we are happy to offer you this little film that somehow harmonizes all these experiences in one.
Nos ves y sufres!@#


We specially made for the occasion a limited edition, vintage washed, 100% cotton T-Shirt with Alberto Garcia-Alix and you can find it here: 

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