The Beast of Turin - El Solitario

The Beast of Turin

Amazing trailer of the rebuild and first firing of the FIAT S76 land speed record. At over 28 litres this was the biggest of the pre WW1 monsters (and the biggest car engine ever built) – engine design changed a lot thereafter. The proper film, coming out in February 2015, will cover the history of this exciting period and tell the amazing story of its rebirth after 100 years.

Frankly it looks scary. With no exhaust as such we’re treated to the sight of the aftermath of internal combustion shooting straight out of the exhaust ports while the whole car shakes violently. Bear in mind that in its day the S76 was reputed to be putting out around 300bhp and that all that power was transmitted to the axle by way of chains …

Fiat S76 el-solitario-1

Duncan’s fabulous car will go to Goodwood next year for that first run up the hill!

And we will not miss it

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