El Solitario classic, yet avant-garde, Rascal Leather Motorcycle Pants, were developed after a thorough, two year, study of various early age motocross racing patterns, (which we believe were the most adecquate for our needs), countless hours researching materials, fit & wear, and a comprehensive insider analysis of rider’s traits & manners. Watch this sneak peak of our factory to understand better the building process of the Rascal.



Our leather pants are highly functional, tough and sturdy although retaining all the softness and flexibility of the 3 ounce, 1,4 mm. Top Grain goat Nappa Leather. The Rascal’s Nappa leather was carefully tanned in Italy, and is among the finest skins you may find in the world. Nappa is celebrated for its outstanding durability, lightness and gracious suppleness. Being a Full Grain Leather, guarantees the solitary use of the first layer of skin, once the hair of the animal has been removed, and this is what provides the widely sought after toughness and perfect smooth surface which is a natural water repellant while remaining breathable, keeping you warm in cold temperatures while cool in hotter days and only meant to get better & better with wear.



The Rascal pants are hand cut from our exclusive hand selected top grain leathers and then sewn, one by one using the reverse side of the skin as the outer, in a local tiny family atelier. The Rascal are then finished with an interior cotton plaid liner, with a subtle padding, intended to soothe the body while riding our motorcycles.



There is also extra padding on the hips, and two zippers on the knees to introduce protections if desired. All four zippers and buttons are YKK which are simply the best out there.






El Solitario’s goal is to create new gear fit for purpose for today’s road life, a life we know well. We know what we like and if it ain’t out there or it isn’t being made anymore we’ll make it ourselves our way. This is our vision, and is exactly what we have pursued with the creation of the Rascal. Our ultimate idea of a rad motorcycle pant, with low waist, contemporary engineered construction and slim cut.



Each Rascal, comes equiped with a set of cowhide leather suspenders, as we believe this is the best way to keep them in place while you relax, sit back, and take the time to focus on how to tackle the next corner or avoiding that pothole threatening to out bound you. Wear them with or without suspenders, that is your choice, but ride them hard! Because; the Devil is in the details; the production limitations; and the high demand, the Rascal Leather Pants are constantly being sold out, so if you cannot find your preferred color/size option in stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us and reserve your own. This ultra limited production system, also has benefits, meaning that we can custom make your pants, so if you feel you need something even more special or exclusive, please contact us. We love challenge!

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