One month ago we received a letter with some pictures that took all of us at El Solitario HQ’s by surprise. The sender was Felix, a young Bavarian and it read as follows:

“I have followed you guys for a long time and El Solitario inspires me more than any another motorcycle company. This is why for 4 months ago, I decided, along with one of my best friends and also best motor buddy “Lutz”, to take the wrenches by the neck and start with the building of my own little bad El Solitario.

We bought an East German 1984 SIMSON S51 and after an insane amount of hours & handwork, look what it came out… a little Winning Loser tribute ride was born!

I would like to say thank you for the daily inspiration and please never stop building such amazing rides.
Yours, Felix from Germany”


We all have heard that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but normally this isn’t the case. Imitation is normally offensive, as it is characteristic to find it directed at gaining some economical advantage over the original idea. In sum, imitation can turn people off. But certainly, this was not the case of Felix, our dear bavarian admirer that one day fell in love with the Winning Loser. So in love, that he wanted to build himself one for his trips along his mates, and the hell he did. After many sleepless nights and hundreds of hours invested in the project, there it was! A little two stroked Winning Loser built out of perseverance and sheet metal. But the little Winning Loser, wasn’t meant to be admired in the garage, no, no, no… It was built to be ridden, and as Felix tells himself; the last bolts in his bike were wrenched just hours before the start date that him and his gang had planned to leave on a trip to Italy through the Alps…



For the “new” Winning Loser’s road launch, Felix and his mates had planned a cool summer trip out from the outskirts of Munich (Aichach) to Gardasee in Italy. Altogether they form a cheeky moped gang under the name of the D.S.M.C. (Which stands for crazy beer guzzlers or something alike!@#$:) and the plan was to cross the alps onboard the minimum powered artifacts you can see in these photographs.


By looking at the pictures of Felix’s Winning Loser, having fun in/on & around Alpine roads, we can’t do other thing, but feel the joy of those who have seen their work become an inspiration for others. An inspiration to trigger other people’s dreams. Dreams to do things with their own hands. Dreams to follow their destiny, overcoming difficulty. For us, at El Solitario, this is something really meaningful, something that money cannot buy. In fact, it is well beyond any material compensation. Being able to make people happy, inspire them… sounds like we have achieved to leave an imprint, make a small contribution to the world, which for insignificant it might be, just feels soothing… feels good.  Felix, you and your cool buddies rock our world and make this hard journey worthwhile!!!!@#$%:)))







Thank you Enrico, Toby, Lutz & Felix for sharing your adventures with us. Let the joy of the road be with you motherfuckers!

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