It was great to invest some time in one of those projects we left behind some time ago. Building season this year was crazy… (Baula, Chupito, Gonzo, Trimotoro, Pop Cycles…!@#), and made us realize we needed some rest in order to stay true & keep inspired. After the exhaustion of last season, felt lacking the stamina necessary to fuel the perfect symbiosis between brain, body & machine. Now, five months later, we feel the new energy flowing back, thriving us into a psychological state of peace that supports the creative mindset we need to keep pushing the boundaries.

This will probably be the last post of the year, a year we squeezed till the last drop. Looking back, we find that 2012 was a year of extreme emotional charge for us. We have experienced extreme measures of anxiety, hysteria & content for taking so many risks in these convulsed times, but we have also been captivated by a supreme passion, courage & joy for doing what we love most without being distracted by anything else…and we have SURVIVED!

Wish you all a beautiful 2013.
Live it to the fullest as if it was your last! There is nothing more.

El Solitario Crew

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  1. Nice article in Cycle World, love the Pendletons products, hope to get over to Northern Spain in the spring, have been going to the Moto Piston rallies for the last few years, but think they have lost there way in the last couple of years, so going it alone, Picos some great riding but want to go further afiel, all the best for the New Year

  2. great work so far, I hope to build a ss of my own someday. Can’t wait to see more of this build. if you could let me know what kind of tires those are, it’d be much appreciated, looking for something similar for my current bike! Thanks a lot, keep up the craftsmanship and imagination

  3. Great, just great! I am planning to buy my first motorcycle soon, so I am seeking an inspirational photos. Beautiful bikes, especially Gonzo, Chupito, El Solitario, Meatball and La Sal del Diablo. I am also wondering, what model of camera did you used to making these photos?

  4. Vaya maravílla, ese chasis más plano y esa nueva perspectiva de conducción permite más juego que el de mi malvendida/maltrecha Moster “pompone” del 95’… wuaggg …. pide una larga cruzada en una curva con arena fina, pide sentarse en ella y notar que si apretas el puño vas a sonreir como un pequeñete… sin malícia… pero como un Jocker con pedegree… Preciosa.

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