THIS IS LONDON - El Solitario



So rad to be in Londonistan for the weekend!!!

Sideburn Go Fast Party @ Edwin Store + Classic gathering @ Lewis Leathers + Hackney, in depth, drunken raids, lead by the Ornamnetal Conifer himself + other friends. You guys RULE!!!

Astonished also, to see our  Bonneville Dry Red Selvedge Coveralls, custom hand painted by Nicolai Sclater, (aka: Ornamental Conifer), for our fabulous parisian friends the Blitz Crew.

Fred, Hugo, Nico… have fun in the Alps! You are our favorite stars!@&#

Keep on speeding, we are l’enfant terrible armada!

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  1. Real men do not put the excruciating amount of emphasis on fashion and what to wear as you guys do..(ie: all these new motorcycling/fashion ‘ateliers’ LOL)’re not real. You use motorcycling merely as a brand accessory to sell clothes and fashion accessories, face it, you’re a bunch feminized consumers.

    When are you going to start selling makeup for the ‘fashionable’ male motorcyclist?

    Speaking as a women, you guys with your Ruby helmets etc. are a real turn off.

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