Here is the report you have all waited for…

We feel very lucky to have met the man behind the best bio-motorcycles in the world. His work is breathtaking and so is his humble approach to life. An artist with an inimitable view on functional art and one of the best smiles we can remember.

Thank you Shinya & Ayu for your TLC, (we truly appreciate it!), and hope to meet you again very soon.

If you want to know more about Shinya and his laboratory Chabott Engineering read Paul D’Orleans fantastic article; I’m a coachbuilder;  HERE!


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  1. Shinya IMO is most definitely The Man !!! when it comes to custom M/C’s . Funny that assuming our schedules mesh I may be having a rendez – vous with Shinya and Ayu myself in a couple of weeks . Don’t suppose you remembered to ask Shinya/Ayu to stick my CD’s in the player did ya ? :o)

    Great photos again … but lets see those ‘ Salt ‘ photos if you please good sirs !

    1. GS meeting Shinya was almost a religious experience… forgot about the CDs & worst the brewage recommendations… not good I know but we were overstimulated the whole trip. About the salty pics don’t have too many… but I hope there will be enough… a truly demanding place the salt flats are, for the brain & the body…

      1. El – I absolutely understand . Even just seeing Shinya’s bikes without him is enough to leave one speechless and distracted : forgetting about everything else ! As to the brews … you’ll be back I’ll bet ….. as to the CD’s ….. that’ll happen as well I’m guessing . We’ll get you set up some time down the road …. so no worries !

        And yeah . The Salt can and will beat you senseless the first time around . The second it gets a little better . By the third you’re becoming a regular ….. but it’ll still beat the crap out of you !

        Two Thumbs Up for going ! An extra two if you go back ! And any photos ….even one will do . FYI I loved Paul D’Orleans ‘ Salt Ghost ‘ photos of you guys ( his wet plate portraits … ‘ salt ghost ‘ being my description of those wonders )

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