LION KINGS - El Solitario


Leon was founded in 29BC as a Roman Military Encampment, but it wasn’t until the Spanish Reconquista & the battles against the Moors, that the city of Leon got the power it deserved. Isolated in the dry center of the country, this city of warriors is well known for the courage of their people and its good food, but it is not until you look behind the curtains, that you realize they have a sick custom scene going on & the wildest Vespa & Lambretta culture. Talent is overwhelming and can be found from the great painter Lanas, (who painted our still undisclosed Pop Cycles), to the twisted ill minded spirit of our friend Dani from Devil Inside or the eclectic Paulino and his Pauspeed Shop. Oh! …and never forget our dearest friend, and collaborator, Osiyuyu, creator, among other crazy, of the Wicked KTM, we featured last year.




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