LOVE STORY - El Solitario


Everybody thinks that the Winning Loser was thought as an exercise, a design study, a motorcycle not meant to be ridden… but as usual, everybody is wrong. Our little Yamaha 250 gets ridden every now & then by Lazlo, who is one of the chosen few with the talent and balls to beat the tricks out of this untamed mini-gladiator. Obviously with a 3 liter gas range you cannot go far, but every time there is an opportunity to take the metal chick for a spin, she performs in all her glory. Last time was in Biarritz and we had fun watching her playing cheeky on all roundabouts and other city games. That Sunday she & Lazlo kissed the tarmac, (after jumping over a speed bump), while crossing the french town of Anglet with our Londonistan Brothers. It wasn’t the first time though and it won´t be last either, but it did leave another scar on the WL´s metal body… which unexplicably we happen to love!

The Winning Loser was El Solitario MC´s first ever bike to be built from scratch, and it was executed to perform in the first edition of the Metamorfosis Masiva garage builders contest. This years Metamorfosis Masiva will be held during the Mula Festival in Madrid next Saturday.  El Solitario MC will contest with Chupito! which will be just one more among other super cool garage proposals. Don´t miss it!

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