Snell approved Simpson helmet that will take us to the races in Bonneville, next August, is finished & awaiting destiny. Painted by Corpses from Hell after the celebrated Song of the Sausage Creature by Hunter S. Thompson. Badass.

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  1. Very cool , but I hope the helmets visual theme doesn’t become a prediction of things to come if you catch my drift :o) BTW that quote on the back should be ” Song of the Sausage Creature ” not ‘ Escape ‘ . To ‘ Escape ‘ the Sausage Creature according to HST’s line of thinking would be to stay at home , never ride a M/C or ever do anything even vaguely risky ever again . You … mi amigos want to EMBRACE not escape the Sausage Creature . Any chance you can change it beforehand ?

    1. don’t agree on that one…
      no, no…
      According to HST the sausage creature is how you would look like after… SHIT!
      In our humble understanding, the sausage creature will always be haunting us, on each & every corner… but with due diligence & respect we will always leave her behind and not in front trying to catch us!

  2. Yes well that is one part of it , the other more important and relevant to this discussion part being you always want the Sausage Creature on your tail ( hence embracing the thing ) or else you’re leading a mediocre life ( from HST’s interviews with CW RS as well as several Aspen papers and the Aspen magazine …. as well as I’ve met the maniac and have several friends/ acquaintances/associates who were his neighbors ) So you don’t want to ‘ Escape ‘ the Sausage Creature …. in fact you want to just barely stay a step ahead of the Beast , bit always with it/him/her on your tail . Straight from the mad man himself’s mouth !

    Heck I wouldn’t mislead you or argue to be contentious . I likes you guys ! I’s jess tellin it like it are :o)

    ( to ‘ Escape ‘ implies running away from …. which isn’t the desired action when it comes to the ‘ Sausage Creature ‘ Damn I wish we could have this discussion over a beer or two as it’d take half a minute rather than three thousand posts to explain this better >>> Speaking of libations though . One more for you to seek out when in Utah/US . STRANAHAM’s Colorado Sipping Whiskey . Seriously . This stuff makes many an expensive cognac taste like battery acid in comparison – goes down smooth as silk – better than most single malts – yet has a kick like a Missouri Mule . If you see it . Buy a glass … or two ….. or take a bottle home 😉

    1. You are a legend!!!
      I understand your point, but maybe (humble again) being ourselves absolute novices in the salt, we could settle just by scaping no? hahaha!!!
      Stranahams? Its on my A list now!!!

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